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Paradise (Swe / Stockholm)

Paradise (Swe / Stockholm)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1986 - 1988

Michael "Mike Lestadt/Bacill" Uppman/Stork - Vocals (Highbrow, Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force, Explode, Xplode, Creozoth, Playground, Sex Shooter, Microvolts, Autocrash, Critical Mass, Tarmac, BaRock)

Tony Nyberg - Guitar (Line Up)

Mats "Matt" Byström - Bass (Sergeant, Boogietryck, Desert Rain, Neon Rose, Killer Bee, The Fjuns, The Bollocks, Charlie Bonanza Band, Blue Notez, Hansa Band, Paradise, Irish Fake, Roger & The Rockets, Legs)

Kjell "Shelly" Eriksson/Nietzche - Drums (Red Baron, Trilogy, Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force)

Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Uppman was previously in Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force and sang on the unreleased CBS-recording. After this he went to USA and recorded the album 'Apathy' with the band Critical Mass. In 1986 he returned to Sweden and formed Paradise. The guitars on the single were played by Englishman Pete Cockcroft and Tony joined just before the release. Byström had previously recorded with Sergeant and Boogietryck and later appeared in Killer Bee and Desert Rain. Kjell was also in (and out of) Rising Force. In 1988 the band split. Michael later played with the cover-bands Playground and Sex Shooter, that featured André Skaug (Clawfinger) and Anders Arstrand (Rednex). He also sang on the outstanding demo and album by the band Explode/Xplode and later appeared in the band Autocrash that only recorded a demo. Kjell changed his last name to Nietzsche, after finding out that he was actually related to the German philosopher.
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