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Paradize (Swe / Karlshamn)

Paradize (Swe / Karlshamn)
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Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


Dec 1979 - June 1980
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Per-Anders "Pelle" Thuresson - Vocals, Guitar (Overdrive, Overheat, TNT, Kallare Än Glass, Iron Pitts, Flash, Blue Marlin, Crosseyed Mary, AC/DC Jam)

Janne Stark - Guitars (Overdrive, Overheat, TNT, Faith, Kallare Än Glass, M.O.B (guest)., Flash, Blue Marlin, Alyson Avenue, Sir Lord Baltimore, Thalamus (guest), Chris Catena, Audiovision, Vii Gates, Narnia, Grand Design, Blinded Colony, Spearfish, Audiovision, Tower Of Stone, Teenage Rampage, From Behind, Planet Alliance, Balls, Constancia, Locomotive Breath, Mountain Of Power, Zello)

Kenth Ericsson - Bass (Parasite, Interaction, Overdrive, Area)

Åke "Age" Karlsson - Drums (Tengel, Killerhawk, Renegade, Magus, Blue Town, Something, Kallare Än Glass, Iron Pitts, Ray's Request, Thin Lipsztick, Strip Down, De Överblivna, Bubblor I Näsan, Håkon Flöjt Band, Styrelsebandet, Magnus, Under Cover)

Magnus Petersson/Hansen - Keyboards (TNT, Stepping Stone)
Biography in Swedish from "Musikforum 20 år - En Kul Tur I Kulturen"
Det melodiösa hårdrockbandet Paradize bildades i december 1979. I gruppen ingick Janne Stark - gitarr, Pelle Thuresson - sång och gitarr, Magnus Pettersson - keyboards, som samtliga tidigare hade spelat ihop i bandet TNT. Från det Status Quo-inspirerade Silencium anslöt dessutom Kenth Ericsson - bas och Age Karlsson - trummor. Förutom eget material spelade Paradize covers av bla Styx, UFO, REO Speedwagon, Goodo etc. I Början av 1980 släppte bandet den egenhändigt finansierade singeln 'Caress of Steel / Comin Home' i 250 ex. Till höjdpunkterna i karriären hör en spelning med bandet Guran (senare Josef K Band) på vilken Janne för övrigt hade 40 graders feber och halsfluss. Paradize splittrades slutligen i juni 1980. Janne, Pelle och Kenth gick till Overdrive och Age till Renegade. Det har nu, 1994, kommit förfrgningar på singeln från USA och Japan.

Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
The roots of this band had already grown in around 1975 formed by Janne and Pelle. The band recorded a demo as TNT in 1977, featuring drummer Janne Gummesson and singer/guitarist Ola Persson (now Calle Engelmarc, later in Turbo, Mercy). Gummesson left and was replaced by Age Karlsson, while Ola was replaced by Kenth. The band started playing covers by Styx, REO Speedwagon, New England, Goddo etc. Shortly after the single was recorded, late 1979, Janne, Pelle and Kenth teamed up with Kjell Jacobsson and Kenta Svensson from locals Ocean. They formed the heavy metal band Overdrive, with whom they have recorded numerous albums, and still are. Since the break-up, Age has made recordings with bands like Tengel, Blue Town and Something, bands who have appeared on various compilations. Paradize play melodic hard rock. Kenth later joined Interaction, Area and reunited with Overdrive in 2003, but was replaced in 2012. Both tracks appears on the Japanese bootlegged compilation 'Swedish Explosion' and were also featured as bonus tracks on the Overdrive 'Reflexions' CD re-release (Metal Muthas). ORI (Turbo, Arsenik) was not a label, but a studio which helped organize the printing.

PARADIZE was formed 1978 in Karlshamn. Janne had earlier played in FLASH and TNT together with Pelle Thuresson and TURBO vocalist Ola Persson. PARADIZE released their one and only 7" single 'Caress of Steel / Take Me Home' in 1979 on the ORI label in a limited press of 250 copies. Their influences was basicly New England bands such as Styx and REO Speedwagon. In 1980 Janne, Pelle and Kenth teamed up with Kjell Jacobsson and Kenta Svensson of OCEAN to form OVERDRIVE. Age Karlsson joined RENEGADE who later would become KILLERHAWK.
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