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Press (Swe)

Press (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Rock
Sweden (


Magnus "Roddan" Roudén - Vocals (West End, Akeron, Kalmar Mot Droger, Roddan Roxx)
Roger "Ragge" Carlsson - Guitar
Tommy "Marc Cino" Johansson - Guitar
Jörgen Haake - Bass
Mark "Mackan/JC Quinn" Tysper - Drums (West End, Tommy Tysper & The Kids, Kalmar Mot Droger, Diamond Bitch)
Former / Past Members
Tommy "Carron" Fridolfsson - Guitar
Mårten - Drums
Don Ross
Jeff Kaye
Chris Joeney
Toni Lynn
Press was formed in the early 80's. The 1984 line-up consisted of Magnus "Roddan" Roudén, Roger "Ragge" Carlsson, Tommy "Cino" Johansson, Jörgen "Haake" and Mark "JC Quinn" Tysper. This constellation recorded two demo tracks in Nybro entitled "Overnight Touch" and "Get Down To It". The songs "Best Friends Girl" and "Oyeah" was also played on Swedish Radio P3's demo-lists together with bands such as Treat and 220 Volt. At the end of may 1985 the band went on a mini-tour together with the Norwegian band Road and got to open for Motörhead at Växjö Sporthall. They also played in Ängelholm and Gothenburg. In 1986 their debut single 'You And I / On The Line' was released on Platina Skivor. Sadly the label didn't promote it well enough and it never really got any big success. Press disbanded in the late 80's. Magnus Roudén joined Akeron (attended Rock-SM '87) and was later in the band West End for a while together with Mark Tysper and Wagabond drummer Manne Kristiansson. Mark later teamed up with his brother Tommy in the band Tommy Tysper & The Kids.

Magnus Roudén have recently recorded some solo material under the name Roddan Rox together with Mark Tysper. These two fellows also recorded the "Young And Free" single/video in 1985 (Kalmar Mot Droger).
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