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Pagan (Swe)

Pagan (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Spring 1987 - XXXX
Daniel Björnarås - Vocals (Solid, DD Band)
Anders "Fagge" Fagerstrand - Guitars (Destiny, Akeron, Acheron, Bo Wilson Band)
Ken Olsson - Bass (Destiny, Solid, Kingsway, Black Mountain, Attrapp, Ten Foot Pole, Overnight Sensation)
Björn "Böna" Öhrfeldt - Drums (Destiny, Kingsway, Overnight Sensation)
Former / Past Members
Olof Lindgren - Vocals (Rampage)
Rolf Pesonen - Guitar

Special Guests (1990)
Pär Edwardsson - Backing Vocals, Keyboards (Destiny, Biscaya, Hawk, Time Code Alpha, Pär Edwardson)
Thomas Eriksson - Backing Vocals (Destiny?, April Sky?)
Kaj Nordstrand - Backing Vocals
Anders Skoog - Keyboards (Capricorn, Dogface)
Henrik Karlsson - Cello
Ulf Kri - V Twin
Tommy Sahlin - Narration (Donnerblitz)
Morgan Ridell - Mob Choir
Bo Leo - Mob Choir
Olli Personen - Mob Choir
Morgan Bechell - Mob Choir
Kristian Kavale - Mob Choir
Staffan Brodén - Monk Choir

Special Guests (1993)
Pär Edwardsson - Backing Vocals (Destiny, Biscaya, Hawk, Pär Edwardson)
Ola Johansson - Backing Vocals (Agape X?, Road Ratt?)
Mattias "IA" Eklundh - Guitar (Frozen Eyes, Fate (Dnk), Freak Kitchen, Audiovision, Art Metal, Planet Alliance, Road Ratt)
Martin Hedström - Guitar (Biscaya, Hawk, Million, Claudie, Magnus Uggla)
Jonas Lundberg - Percussion (Hawk)
Stefan Sporsén - Keyboards (Håkan Hellström, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Plan, Joze Gonzalez, Her Majesty, Drifters, Björn Rosenström, Road Ratt, Triple & Touch)
PAGAN's music is overblown thunderous Metal. PAGAN started out in 1987 as a solo project by ex-SOLID bassist Ken Olsson and colleague Daniel Björnarås before recruiting a band to record the 1989, Per Edwardsson produced demo. The demo-track "Anyway But Backwards" made it to the 'Rockbox (1989)' compilation. The band's debut album, 'Pagan', secured a release with the U.S. Metal label and features a cover version of LED ZEPPELIN's 'Immigrant Song'.

For the second album, 'The Weight' in 1993, guitarists Mattias Eklundh of FATE, FREAK KITCHEN and BISCAYA's Martin Hedström also contributed. Björnarås also made way for former RAMPAGE vocalist Olof Lindgren. PAGAN now have a new guitarist in ex-ACHERON man Anders Fagerstrand.

Drummer Björn Öhrfeldt would become a temporary member of DESTINY during 1998. Anders Fagerstrand would also team up with DESTINY during 1999, featuring on recordings for DEMON and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN tracks for tribute albums. - MusicMight
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1989 Rockbox
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# Morgan Ridell 2016-11-23 19:13
Not to complain but I see at least one wrong thing with this page.
Under "Special Guests (1990)"
In the "Mob Choir", there's a name ´that's wrong.
Morgan Bechell is not right... it's Morgan Ridell (look at the record).

I should know, I'm Morgan Ridell. :)
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# FWOSHM 2016-11-23 19:48
Hej Morgan tack för infon. Inserten nämner både Morgan Bechell och Morgan Ridell. Men det ska alltså bara vara Ridell? isåfall undrar jag vart Bechell kommer ifrån.

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