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Missing in Discography
- Pax Romana, CD 2002
- V/A - Railroad - Blues, Rock & Jazz Från Nässjö, 1978

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Pax Romana (Swe)

Pax Romana (Swe)
Band Info
Progressive Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (

Nässjö, Jönköping

Early 70's - 1982, 2000 - present
Official Website
Stefan Herde - Vocals, Guitar (Kjellers, Broomdusters)
Mats Klang - Bass (Broomdusters)
Jan-Erik Falk - Guitar, Bass
Lars "Lasse" Starö - Drums
Former / Past Members
Jonas Hallström - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Anders Karlsson - Guitar, Bass (Big Train?)
Leif Ljungkvist - Bass
Gert-Åke Nilsson - Drums
Gino Renebrant - Drums (Magnus Åhlin (guest), Urban Mögel Och Hans Vänner, Persons Band, Gino Renebrant, Gino och Ulric,  Gino Renebrant med Duo, Appetite, Kapten Blånäsa, Kungens Män, Penny Toys, Pink Freüd, Svarta Maja, Sweethearts, The Sound of Innocence Crashing)
Official Biography (from:
Once upon a time there was two 14 year-old boys in Nässjö who wanted to start a rock band, said and done. With Stefan on guitar & vocals and Lars on the drums PAX ROMANA was formed. The first gig was at Norråsaskolan, followed by some gigs at youthclubs in town. Later, a bassist and a guitarist was added. The band played around Nässjö and became more and more popular. They got to be the houseband at the Högland meeting, which was then one of Europe's biggest MC-meetings.

In 1978 they released a comp LP along with other bands in the county called 'Railroad - Blues, Rock & Jazz Från Nässjö'. Enthusiasm continued, and in 1982 they released a single that was recorded in Stockholm, then the band split up.

Stefan Herde continued playing in different bands and in 1984 he began playing full-time in a dance band called KJELLERS. He quit the band after 3 years and started to work at Nässjö Tryckeriet again. After a few months he formed BROOMBUSTERS.

In 2000, he was asked if PAX ROMANA could play on a 40-year celebration in Folkets Park. Said and done, the band began practicing and made a great play to everyone's delight, although Lasse & Jompa barely played for about 20 years. After the gig, people called and wanted to book PAX ROMANA. So now the "old men" plays every other weekend with great joy.
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