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Pest (Swe)

Pest (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Punk / Rock / New Wave
Sweden (


12" comp aliases
Lowe "Ive" Gimdahl Jr. - Vocals, Keys
Sara Söt - Vocals, Talk
Pernille Puss - Vocals
Adolf Fitler - Guitar
R.K. Lapp'en - Guitar, Vocals, Accordion
Bob Hyland - Bass, Vocals, Violin
Arne Volym - Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Sax

7" aliases
Irene Snabbkassa
Sir Charles Breakfast
Nille Näpen
Jens Lyn
Alpino Kanino
Lorentz Flightingale
Lowe "Ive" Gimdahl Jr.
Former / Past Members
Viking Agnarsson - Bass
Released a private single and had the song "Redan När Jag Vaknar" featured on the 'Vykort Från Malmö (1980)' compilation.  The real names of the members are unknown, but Dan Tillander is credited for the song "Författaren".
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