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Phoenix (Swe / Malmö)

Phoenix (Swe / Malmö)
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Johan "Stakka Bo / Jordan B. Riche / Rudy B Jade" Renck - Vocals (Stormbringer, New Brand)
Thomas "Sandy Russel" Jörlöv - Guitars (Stormbringer, New Brand, Mansson (guest text-writer))
Jonas "West Jacksson" Westerlund - Guitars (New Brand)
Jonas "Rick Robin" Åkerlund - Bass (New Brand)
Jonas "Jake Langsome" Langebro - Drums (Stormbringer, New Brand, Bai Bang)

Former / Past Members
Jonas Hildingh - Vocals (Stormbringer)
Thomas "Greg Alize" Ahlberg - Guitar (Stormbringer, New Brand, Pleasure Avenue)
Claes "Mitch Tammer" Wallin - Bass (Stormbringer, New Brand, Pleasure Avenue, Bai Bang, Double Trouble)
Not to be confused with PHOENIX from Piteå who released the MLP 'Say Goodbye' in 1989!.

Formed in the early 80's as STORMBRINGER by:
-Jonas Hildingh - Vocals
-Thomas Jörlöv (Sandy Russel) - Guitar
-Claes Wallin (Mitch Tammer) - Bass
-Jonas Langebro (Jake Langsome) - Drums

Two demo-tapes was recorded with this line-up in -83 and -84. STORMBRINGER went through some line-up changes in 1985 and also adapted pseudonyms. Vocalist Jonas Hilding was replaced with Johan Renck (today more known as Stakka-Bo, a well known swedish singer). A second guitarist was also added; Thomas Ahlberg.

The complete line-up was now:
-Johan Renck / Stakka Bo (Jordan B. Riche / Rudy B Jade) - Vocals
-Thomas Jörlöv (Sandy Russel) - Guitar
-Thomas Ahlberg (Greg Alize) - Guitar
-Claes Wallin (Mitch Tammer) - Bass
-Jonas Langebro (Jake Langsome) - Drums

STORMBRINGER changed their name to PHOENIX in 1986 and a 4-track demo-tape was recorded the same year. Just as the new name was adapted the band had some line-up changes and also a name-change "again". PHOENIX was now called NEW BRAND. They recorded a second demo in 1986 (8-tracks), by this time vocalist Johan Renck had adapted a new pseudonyms "Jordan B. Riche". Guitarist Thomas Ahlberg had been replaced with Jonas Westerlund and bassist Claes Walling with Jonas Åkerlund (a well known swedish video producer).

Later that year the band changed their name back to PHOENIX again and recorded the song "Let Me Know" for the UK Ebony Records compilation album 'The Metal Collection Volume II (1987)' where also the Swedish ex-METAL MUTHAZ/SACRIFICE band CRIER appeared with the song "Fantasy World, other bands featured was UK bands such as STORMCHILD, CENTURION, DRAGONSLAYER, FAST KUTZ and DEALER.

The line-up was now:
-Johan Renck / Stakka Bo (Jordan B. Riche / Rudy B Jade) - Vocals
-Thomas Jörlöv (Sandy Russel) - Guitars
-Jonas Westerlund (West Jacksson) - Guitars
-Jonas Åkerlund (Rick Robin) - Bass
-Jonas Langebro (Jake Langsome) - Drums
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