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Missing in Discography
- From the Road, 1994
- Millenjam, 2000
- Armed With Rock, 2001
- Decades of Rock, 2008
- No Rehearsal Allowed, 2005
- Smash, 2014

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Raceway (Swe)

Raceway (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Southern / Boogie / Bues Rock / Covers
Sweden (

Södertälje, Stockholm

1986 - present
Official Website
Johan Högosta - Vocals
Lasse Hedlund - Bass
Svenne Jansson - Guitar
Anders Wiberg - Drums (Stitch, Cartago, Fog)
Former / Past Members
Björn Melin - Vocals, Guitar (The Roaring Cadillacs, Eddie Meduza Lever)
Patrick Hedqvist - Vocals, Guitar
Robert Eriksson - Vocals
Arto Sarja - Vocals
Lasse Enander - Vocals
Lars "Larsa" Åström - Guitar, Harmonica (Friends)
Micke Nilsson - Guitar
Ken Sundberg - Guitar  (Stitch, Ion Olteanu Band, Wasa Express, Lead Boots, Funky Death Cap)
Jorma Kytölä - Drums
Patrik Sviberg - Drums (Atlantis, Native Girl, Un Rodo Cora, Yokum, Off The Record)
Mats "Malli" Håxell - Drums (Pike, Hellinor)
Conny Lind - Drums, Vocals (Tryckvåg, Mud & Blood, Shock Tilt, Lion's Share, Motherlode, Iron Fist, Unit-X, Vision (Fin), Trezpass, Odessa, Hang 'Em High, Electric Savage, Eddie Meduza, Rednex, Great King Rat, Amaze Me, State of Mind, Talk of the Town, Sin City, Boogie Machine, Boys Are Back, Harmonica Henry, History of Rock, Jeff Paris, Sqrammel, Tommy Denander, RC/DC, Van Häljen, Thunder 'n Blues, S 'n R Boys)
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Formed in 1986. The MCD contains covers by The Sweet, AC/DC, Grand Funk etc, and all the albums contain covers of for example Judas Priest, ZZ Top, AC/DC, The Black Crowes, Metallica, Status Quo, ABBA etc. After the single Conny Lind also took over the drums after Jorma Kytölä. In 1996 they participated in the TV-show Aim At The Stars as AC/DC and also backed the late Swedish rockers Svullo and Eddie Meduza on stage. On The second album guitarist Larsa Åström was out of thhe band, replaced by Micke Nilsson. In 2005 Conny (Amaze Me, State of Mind) was out, replaced by drummer Patrik Sviberg and singer Robert Eriksson. Conny is now in the band Mud & Blood. On 'Decades of Rock', Conny returned on drums and vocals, adding new guitarist Patrick Hedqvist. The band is still active as a cover band, today featuring Hedlund, guitarist/singer Björn Melin and drummer Mats "Malli" Håxell (Pike, Hellinor).
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