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Riksväg 77 (Swe)

Riksväg 77 (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock / Punk
Sweden (

Rimbo, Norrtälje

1980-XXX, 2008-present
Official Website
Ulf Gustafsson - Vocals, Guitar
Ove Thorell - Bass, Vocals, Organ (Once Again)
Åke Svensk - Guitar
Urban Thorell - Drums (Once Again)
Alf "Affe" Thorell - Keyboards, Organ
Former / Past Members
Ulf Gustafsson - Vocals, Guitar
Kenneth "Kecke" Brand - Guitar
Erik Wengemar - Bass
Simon Thorell
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
The overall sound is basic hard rock in the vein of Dunder and Ocean. Formed in 1980, when youngest broter Urban was only 13. A few attempts were made to record a full album. Åke and Ulf left in 1986 and te band split in 1996. Urban and Ove today play in Once Again.

Note: Åke Svensk is Mårrans manager.
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