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Rampant (Swe / Karlskrona)

Rampant Karlskrona
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Metal / AOR
Sweden (


Early 1980s - 1985
Peter Svensson - Vocals
Tommy Nilsson - Guitar (Tyron, Thielemanns Droppar, Konrads Kalasklister, Sandros)
Hans Johansson - Guitar (Tyron, Zero Illusions)
Jari Moisanen - Bass (Darkness, Thielemanns Droppar)
Peter Håkansson - Drums
Not to be confused with Rampant (Köping).

Rampant was formed in the early 80's and played melodic metal / hard rock / AOR. The band did many local gigs around Karlskrona and in 1984 they recorded a 6-track demo at Radio Blekinges studio. This recording session was followed by a radio reportage about the group and their music. The band split ca 1984-1985. Tommy and Hans later formed Tyron.
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