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Romance (Swe / Örnsköldsvik)

Romance (Swe / Örnsköldsvik)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (


June 1987 - 1989 (present as X-Romance)

Frank Holm - Vocals, Guitar (The Lizzard)

Anders "L.A." Rönnblom - Bass  (Dark Tyrants, Firewind, Desert Rain, X-Romance, Killer Bee, Avenue, X-Romance)

Kenneth "Kebbe" Olofsson - Guitar (Firewind)

Leif Ehlin - Guitar, Keyboards (Dark Tyrants, Firewind, Desert Rain, Killer Bee, Perfect Plan, Avenue)

Morgan Höglund - Drums (Killer Bee)

Thomas Widmark - Keyboards, Guitar (X-Romance) Biography
Features vocalist Frank Holm who earlier was in the band The Lizzard (had the songs "Watch Out" and "Falling World" on "On the Rocks (1983)' compilation). Some of the Romance members would later join forces with LIMIT, DESERT RAIN and REFLEX to become KILLER BEE.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Romance only existed between 1988-1989 and during this time they recorded around 20 songs!. They were influenced by bands like Journey, Foreigner and Toto and spent a lot of time working on vocal harmonies, which shows on the MLP. After the band split, Rönnblom, Byström and Ehlin formed Desert Rain. Rönnblom and Höglund later went on to form Killer Bee.

Official Bio from Promo Sheet
Romance was formed in June 1987 as a natural cause of various projects and joint works between members. The purposeful work which has proceeded since the start, has brought the group towards new, fresh and sometimes daring musical courses. The group is playing a wide melodius rock with an charesteristic eccentricity. The musical knowledge within the group makes it possible to epxlore other views in the filed of music; from Heavy Metal to the popular music of today. The basic members were: Anders Rönnblom, Thomas Widmark, Kenneth Olofsson, Morgan Höglund and Leif Ehlin. What the group didn't have was a lead singer. Despite that, the group did practice intensivity during the autumn 1987 and they also started to take singing lessons. In November they found their singer Frank Holm and Romace was complete. Now they were ready to take their first step towards the top!

During the winter and spring 1988 the group have been performing on local stages a couple of times and there has been a good response from both the audience and the media. In march 1988 the group started their own company and bought a studio and light-and PA-system. Owing to that purchase, the group today is able to work in the studio with their material and develop new ideas without any time-pressure. The record you now have on hand is the result of that purchase.

Anders Rönnblom plays the electric bass guitar and background vocals. Has been playing for seven years. He has playing with different groups for six years. He has also been working in studios for two years. Is, together with Thomas Widmark, the leading person in the group and has been the founder of the groups characteristic sound. Is the forcing person of the group.

Thomas Widmark plays keyboard, guitar and sings background vocal. Has been playing guitar for ten years and keyboard for two years. Thomas has been playing with different groups for eight years. He has many years of experience from working with PA-systems and in studios -owning to his profession in the musical business. Is today, together with Anders Rönnblom responsible for the mainpart of the groups material.

Kenneth Olofsson has been playing guitar for six years and has lately started to sing, too. He has for four years been playing together with Leif Ehlin and Anders Rönnblom in different groups. He has also for more than two years, together with Thomas Widmark, been working with different studio projects. Kenneth is the lyric writer of the group.

Leif Ehlin plays the guitar, keyboards and sings background vocal. Started as a little boy to play the piano but since seven years he is playing the electric guitar. Has been playing with different groups until -82 when Leif and Anders Rönnblom started to play together. Leif and Anders have together formed groups like Firewind and Avenue. Leif contribute with songs and lyrics to the collection of stock plays.

Morgan Höglund, the drummer in the group, has for more than ten years practiced and been skilled within the section of percussions. Despite his low age, he has been playing in big band orchestras, jazz orchestras and symphonic orchestras. This batterist is a forcing and very important member of the group.

Frank Holm is the lead singer of the group and he also plays the guitar. Has been playing guitar for about seven years. He has earlier been playing and singing with different groups. However, he decided to drop the guitar and merely go for the singing. He is the last link of the group.
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