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Roterock (Swe)

Roterock (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Rotebro, Stockholm

1976 - 1980
Lennart Nyberg - Vocals, Guitar (RKBS)
Jan "Janne" Apelholm - Guitar (RKBS)
Anders Kritz - Bass
Patrik ”Paka” Wallin - Drums (RKBS, Tomterockers, The Moose Brothers)
ROTEROCK was formed 1976 in Roterbro, Stockholm, Sweden. They released one single in 1979 entitled 'Ge och Ta / With or Without You' on the Vanity Fair label. Lennart mention that they also played songs such as "Viper", "Unbroken Spirit", "The War Goes Ever On" and "Calimero Quack". They also had an english version of "Ge och Ta" called "Give As Good As You Get".

Lennart, Janne and Paka later joined the band RKBS (Richard Kiel & The Babysharkz) and released a single in 1982 entitled 'Ågren / KGB'. Janne later continued as a studio engineer and mixed albums for groups such as CHARIZMA, ALL OF A SUDDEN, DAN SUNDQUIST and THE REAL GROUP. Patrik became a singer in the band TOMTEROCKERS (released a self-titled LP in 1990) and later on in THE MOOSE BROTHERS.
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# Emil 2012-07-01 12:03
Thanks to Lennart Nyberg for all info!
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