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Rampant (Swe / Köping)

Rampant (Swe / Köping)
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Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1985 - 1987, 2001 - present
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Ronny Starborg - Vocals (Ambush, Chuck Norris)
Urban Nilsson - Guitar
Åke Cromnow - Guitar (Ambush, Mean Street, Chuck Norris)
Juha "Juba" Nurmenniemi - Bass (Ambush, Achilleus, Mean Street, Darxtar, Pseudo Sun)
Tony K. "Shield" Skiöld - Drums (WalkAway)
Bosse Källström - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Conny Öberg - Vocals (Achilleus, Rosalyn)
Andy Rose - Vocals
Urban Nordqvist - Guitar
Mats "Finlay" Norström - Bass (Ambush, Achilleus, Mean Street)
Kjell " Grandpa" Johansson - Keyboards

Not to be confused with Rampant (Karlskrona).

Formed in the ashes of Ambush and Achilleus. Recorded a couple of demos and contributed on the Active Music cassette compilation 'Hårdrock' together with Motherlode and Holy Message. Ronny, Urban and Åke later formed Chuck Norris when the band split in 1987. Rampant later reformed and recorded the album 'Back From Nowhere (2005)'.

1985: Andy Rose, Aake Cromnow, Juba and Tony K. Shield met up on the 1st of May and jammed together, with the intention forming a new band. All concerned where tired of the local music scene and they had a vision to take the project further than anything anybody in the band had done before. A 3 track demo was recorded during the summer. It consisted of "Backbite" , "Night People" and "She´s My Woman". The last track was never completed. In June Urban Nilsson was recruited on second guitar and the band started looking for a keyboard-player.  Andy had a lot of health problems and had to have treatment every now and then, and in October he decided to quit the band. His replacement was found in Ronny Starborg. Ronny brought with him  keyboardplayer Kjell " Grandpa" Johansson. The first gig was scheduled for November 22 in Kungsör, and the local press had dubbed RAMPANT as the first supergroup of the area. The reviews from the first gig was positive, stating that RAMPANT was the best band of the evening. The music had nothing to do with Twisted Sister and other Heavy Metal but was instead old-school hard rock. Quite good for a debut gig.  The next gig was also in Kungsör on December 13. A gig most remembered by the fact that Ronny lost his voice after half the concert. But the band kept on playing and Juba and Cromnow took over the vocals for the rest of the gig.

1986: The start of the new year was concentrated on rehearsals. This as a preparation for a studio session that had been booked later in spring. And so during March and April the band spent many nights in Studio Kuling in Örebro recording and mixing a demo tape. It consisted of 8 songs ; "Run With Me", "Private Show", "Feed Me Rock", "Dreamers Boulevard", "Still Waitin´" , "Liar", "Head Held High" and "Nuclear Solutions". Of the finished product about 50 cassettes were copied and given to friends and other interested in a home made cover. Also 4 tracks were chosen for a compilation cassette called "Hårdrock".  Right after the studio sessions Grandpa disappeared, or more frankly was not called to rehearsals, and the band continued as a 5 piece, with Juba handling some keyboards, when his bass duties allowed it.Of course there had to be some live gigs following the studio sessions, and 3 gigs came up pretty fast. The first of these was in Sala at "Tärnabadet"on the 1st of June, and a very strange gig it was too. The location turned out to be an outdoor swimming facility with a stage set up in the middle just opposite the pool. Cool enough, but there was something like 20 people there altogether. Not the best circumstances for a gig.  The following gig was much better, in Köping at "Bivurparken"on the 8th of June. Another outdoor event, and it began as another disaster. It had rained all day, and when the band came to set up their gear, the skies opened up completely and drenched the whole place with water. But ... just as a discussion of cancelling the gig started, the clouds disappeared and the sun started shining. As it was a free gig, a lot of people just showed up and Rampant made perhaps their best gig ever. The third gig was at "Folkets Park" in Köping on the 15th of June. It was some kind of international affair as there were a lot of Norwegians there. The music sounded good, but something was not right. A meeting after the gig resulted in nothing and a couple of days later the band split, due to personal egos. -

Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Rampant were formed back in 1985, initially featuring Åke, Juba, Tony (ex-Walkaway) and Andy Rose. They recorded a demo, and soon drafted Urban. Rose had to quit because of health problems and they reunited Starborg. Keyboard player Kjell Johansson was also added. They recorded a second demo in 1986, and four of the tracks were featured on the split casstte 'Hårdrock (1986)', together with Motherlode and Holy Message. Kjell left, and after their third gig, in 1986, they split. In 2001 the band was resurrected and in 2004 the recordings of the first album began. The line-up had now changed slightly.

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