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Rikets Affärer (Swe)

Rikets Affärer (Swe)
Band Info
Progressive Rock / Powerpop / Hard Rock
Sweden (


August 1977 - June 1980

Niklas Munter - Vocals, Bass (Umeå Small Band, Mareld, Kapten Nemo, Peter Bryngelsson)
Lars Eklund - Guitar (Umeå Small Band, Mareld)
Stefan "Steffe" Hansson - Guitar (Umeå Small Band, Kapten Nemo, A Man With A Vision, Munters Män)
Mats Hägglöf - Drums (Umeå Small Band, Munters Män)
Claes Björnberg - Organ (Umeå Small Band, Kapten Nemo, Peter Bryngelsson, Favoritorkerstern)

Formed in the late 70's by Niklas Munter (bass, vocals), Steffe (guitar), Lars Eklund (guitar, vocals), Claes Björnberg (organ) and Matte (drums). They released only one single entitled "Berlin / Mitt Enda Liv" in 1979 who had a mix of powerpop and symphonic rock influences in the vein of bands like RÅG I RYGGEN, KAIPA, MIKLAGÅRD and TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET. They also contributed with the songs "Vår Stad" and "Efter Elva År I Skolan" on the compilation LP 'Vi Har Rätt Till Jobb (1979) .

Rikets affärer split-up in 1980 but would later reform as UMEÅ SMALL BAND.
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