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Robb & Friends (Swe)

Robb & Friends (Swe)
Band Info
Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1978 - 1984
Peter Robsahm - Vocals, Keys (Richard III)
Heléne Froh/Årjes -  Vocals
Eva Kemppainen - Vocals
Roger Nikander - Guitar (Roger Nikander Band)
Nils Ekholm - Bass
Mats Hellberg - Drums
Former / Past Members
Magnus Zetterquist - Guitar
Dan Skavhellen - Bass
Ulrik Arturén - Drumprog, Bass, Vocals (Diary, Alpha Group, Paranoid, Fanside, Ägget Ryker, Limmericks, Good Timers, Crash (guest))
Formed 1978 in Hjo, Sweden by Peter Robsahm. The band quit in 1984 after performing Peter´s 'multi-media-concert' "Childhood Gardens". Subsequently Peter Robsahm commenced a new project; a musical based on Victor Hugo´s "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame". It was staged in 1992 and 1993.He have also written the musical Richard Rocks!.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Robb And Friends was a project initiated by singer Peter Robsahm in 1978. The first single featured bass player Dan Skavhellen. On the second release the band also featured backing singers Helen Froh (now Årjes) and Eva Kemppainen (related to Shotgun Messiah's Jukka Kemppainen). The band recorded enough material for an album, but it sadly fizzled out. In 1984 the band finally folded. Peter went on to write musicals, such as Notre Dame and a new rock opera that will be set up in 2013. Nikander went on to form blues band Roger Nikander Band, besides being an actor. The second single was second prize in a bandstand.
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