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Shame (Swe / Gothenburg)

Shame (Swe / Gothenburg)
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (


Enzo Galione - Vocals

Tobias "Tobbe" Eliasson - Guitar

Mats "Oloph Skam" Grundström - Guitar (Leather Nun, Hot Soup, Svartvitt, Electric Outfit, Mothers Lovers, Bad Luck, Century, Rough Enemy, Legent, Pin Ups, Blybolaget, Cracked Actors)

Magnus Rosén - Bass (Mentzer, Von Rosen, Hammerfall, Keegan, Jorn, Planet Alliance, Tony Martin, Arise, X-World/5, Revolution Renaissance, Fullforce, Kung Sune, Billionaires Boys Club, Magnus Rosén Band, Northern Light, Chris Mentzer Group, The Stuart Smith's Midnight, Bo Winberg and the Spotnics)

Thorbjörn "Turken" Eliasson - Drums
Not to be confused with SHAME from Helsingborg.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
After the band split Magnus Rosen joined 50's rockers Kung Sune and recorded the 7" 'Sunes Bar & Grill'. He has later been in bands like Von Rosen, Keegan, Arise and of course Hammerfall. Mats later recorded a 7" with popsters Svart/Vitt.
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