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Slyside (Swe)

Slyside (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Rock (early) / Sleazy Hard Rock (later)
Sweden (


Robert "Robban" Eriksson - Vocals (Raceway?, Rob-Ban)
Kenny Elfström - Guitar
Johan Andersson - Bass
Tommy Palevik - Drums
Andreas "Andrew" Axelsson - Keyboards (Bedroom Love)
Former / Past Members
Rickard Söderstedt - Keyboards
Played AOR at first but later changed the style to sleazy hard rock. Richard Söderstedt plays keyboard on both releases although Andrew Axelsson (ex-Bedroom Love) replaced him before the release of the MCD. Andrew however recorded a full-lenght album with the band but it never got mixed and only ended up as unreleased demos. Robban Eriksson have recorded a solo album under the name ROB-BAN as well contributing with material to albums with Crystal Blue and Last Autum's Dream.

Unreleased album tracklist
1. Let Me Out
2. Hey Mr.
3. Dollar Man
4. Rest Your Case
5. Wild Child
6. Waiting
7. Tears, Pain & Memories
8. In The Eyes
9. Simple Love Song
10: Shake Your Money Maker
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