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Serenity (Swe) - Hurt

Staring at the person, reflecting in the winds
Wondering if that could really, be me?
Is that the face of a young man who've had a lot of misery
And had a time when he didn't want to be?
Well, the misery is over, and shes nenver coming back
Cause by now he just about have had enough
Giving her all his loving and living for her sake only
Hanging on 'til life just got too rough

Damned it, it hurt
Every time you charmed me just to deny me
Noticing that you don't give a fuck about me

For longer than I should, I was waiting for your love
But you never wanted me for more than a friend
But instead of me you're choosing scum and fucking dickheads
But still I couldn't make my feelings MEND!
But all of this was OK as long as you still cared and appericated the love I gave to you
But when you look away, just ignoring me instead
I just cannot feel that i'm still loving you!

Damned it, it hurt
Every time I noticed that you didn't came
Every time I wanted to get the fuck outta here

Words & Music: Joakim Platbarzdis
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