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- Controlled by Fear, Demo 1989
- S.L.R/Mögel, Split 7" (1991)

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S.L.R (Swe)

S.L.R (Swe)
Band Info
Thrash Metal
Sweden (


1988 - XXXX
Harald Hansen - Vocals (The Guineapigs)
Peder Johansson - Guitar (The Guineapigs, Falconer, Iguana Party)
Micke Ahlqvist - Bass
Lars Danielsson - Drums
Former / Past Members
Peter - Vocals
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Formed in 1988 and recorded their first demo, 'Controlled By Fear' the year after. The band later changed their name to Guineapigs and switched to playing melodic punk in the vein of Bad Religion, however their later material is said to be in a more metallic direction. The tracks "When The System Falls", "Stimulated Aggression" and "Crusade of the Cursed" are found on the compilation 'Distortion To Hell (1993)' and "Mad Man" is featured on 'Hardcore For The Massess (1988). Peder later played with Falconer.

Note: S.L.R stands for Society Of Lab Rats.
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