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Straight Up (Swe)

Straight Up (Swe)
Band Info
Sleaze / Glam / Hard Rock / Fuck'n Roll
Sweden (

Björnsäter, Linköping

1988 - XXXX
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Joakim "Jocke" Johansson - Vocals (Flashback, Zephyr, Mandrake, Skyride)
Ralf "Ralph" Pettersson - Guitar (Axewitch, Sleazy Roze, Quest, Regent)
Magnus Jarl - Guitar (Axewitch, Sleazy Roze, Hazy, Iron Haze, Black Stone, Trash Cans)
Lars "Lasse" Fallman - Bass (AxeWitch, Flashback)
Stefan "Stephan Melba" Engström - Drums (Fortress, Stonk)
Former / Past Members
Robert "Robban" Persson - Guitar (Robbie Black)
Gunnar Nyd - Guitar
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
This is straightforward sleazy power rock like early Nasty Idols with quite explicit lyrics and song titles like "Straight Up In Your Pussy" and "Fist Fucking Generation". No wonder the band calls their styl Fuck 'n' Roll. After the album rhythm guitarist Robban Persson was replaced by former Axewitch bender Magnus Jarl. A second, as-yet unreleased, album was recorded. Robban has released a Johnny Thunders tribute CD under the name Robbie Black.
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