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Something (Swe)

Band Info
Female Fronted / Pop / Rock
Sweden (


1992 - 1996 (changed name)
Mija Holmqvist - Vocals (Dragonflies In Bloomers, Alibi, Remain In Light, Anxious, Greenhouse, Marie Celeste, The Bluebottles, Flow 42, Solid Flow, A Beautiful Illusion, Psyckadeli, STRUHL, Henhouse Allstars Coverband, Charlie & Fredrik)

Maria Distner - Vocals (Dragonflies In Bloomers)

Ina Simonsen - Vocals (Dragonflies In Bloomers, Mother Cockroach, Big Bad Boys)

Petra Arrhenius - Vocals (Styrelsebandet)

Mikael Nygren - Guitar (Etype, Killerhawk, Renegade, Magus, T For Trouble, Avenue, 5th Avenue, Kallare Än Glass, Iron Pitts, Strip Down, De Överblivna) R.I.P. May 1994

Magnus Ölander - Guitar (Blue Town, Pride, T For Trouble, Flow 42, Solid Groove, Strip Down, Seven, Solid Flow)

Ulf Kronsell - Bass (Etype, Parasite, Blue Town, Avenue, 5th Avenue, Kallare Än Glass, Flow 42, Ray's Request, Locomotive Breath, Solid Flow, Håkon Flöjt Band, Inga Ögonbryn, No Name and Bad Equipment, Strip Down, De Överblivna, Styrelsebandet, Magnus, Under Cover, Free From Sin)

Åke "Age" Karlsson - Drums (Blue Town, Killerhawk, Renegade, Magus, Paradize, Tengel, Kallare Än Glass, Iron Pitts, Ray's Request, Thin Lipsztick, Strip Down, De Överblivna, Bubblor I Näsan, Håkon Flöjt Band, Styrelsebandet, Under Cover)
Former / Past Members
Jenny Hoffner - Vocals (Dragonflies In Bloomers, Mother Cockroach)

Joanna Wesowska - Vocals (Dragonflies In Bloomers, Naftalin)

Martina Svanberg - Vocals (& Company, Dragonflies In Bloomers, Mother Cockroach, Big Bad Boys, Seeking Groove, Styrelsebandet)

Bert-Ola Andersson - Guitar (Area, Trapper)

Jörgen Thuresson - Guitar? (Area, Bactrac, Stormbringer, Faith, Free Wheelin, Pride, Kallare Glass, Inga Ögonbryn)

Fredrik Strömberg - Keyboard (Razzia, Håkon Flöjt Band)
Formed in 1992 under the name Something About Eve (a All About Eve cover band). They did several live gigs, for example at Musikforums Sommarfest 1992 and 1993. Something had the song "Road To Your Soul" on the 'Musikforum - Återkomsten, 1992' and "Jag Är En Kvinna" on 'Musikforum Då och Nu 1974-93' compilation CDs. The band changed name to Alibi a couple of years after Mikael Nygrens tragic death in 1994 (car accident).

Official Biography
Solid Flow started out as a project band for the 1992 Karlshamns Musikforum Summer Party under the name Something About Eve. Founding members Mija and drummer Age Karlsson had been talking about collaboration for some time. After a lot of discussing they found out that the band All About Eve was a common favourite, thus the direction for the project. The band was completed with guitarists Magnus Ölander and Mikael Nygren, bass player Ulf Kronsell and vocalists Maria Distner, Ina Simonsen, Jenny Hoffner and Joanna Wesowska. Once the original mission was carried out the band felt that it would be a shame to break up the band. The repertoire was quickly extended with songs by artists like Louise Hoffsten, Janet Jackson and Led Zeppelin. Band members joined and left the band frequently. After a couple of years more and more original songs started to make their way into the set list. The line up at that time, Bert-Ola Andersson (guitar), Martina Svanberg (vocals), Fredrik Strömberg (keyboards), Mija, Age, Mikael and Ulf wrote a lot of songs. Almost all off them were recorded after the tragic death of Mikael in May 1994 but never released.

In 1996 the band changed name to Alibi Ike following a couple of line up changes and short “career” as an un-plugged band. Magnus came back into the band after a couple of years absence and together with drummer Paul Ekdahl and saxophone player, guitarist and singer Emil Edwards made the new line up complete and the name was changed to Flow 42. A period of intense work followed and in 2001 the band completed three demo recordings. Paul left the band in November of 2001 but was quickly replaced by Locomotive Breath and Vulture Cavalry-drummer Jimmy Lexe. A lot of cover gigs were made during this period but it didn’t stop the band from writing new material. In 2003 several new songs were recorded at Sound Palace Studios by Blinded Colony wiz Johan Blomström. In 2004 the band was joined by singer/guitarist/songwriter Daniel Frank. A bunch of new songs was recorded under the surveilance of Genesis of Pain mastermind Dan Lundberg. All the recorded material was scrutinized and ten songs were chosen for the album that finally got the title “Was It Something I Said?” By this time the band had changed name (again!) and is known as Solid Flow.
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