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Spitfire (Swe)

Spitfire (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1976 - 1986, 2005, 2010 - present
Photos / Videos
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Kimmo "Kim Morgan" Morja - Vocals (Rozz The Boss, Fireball, Fireheart)
Rauno "Rappe / Rape Morgan" Morja - Guitar (Fireball, Mothergoose)
Reijo "Rexa" Väliaho (Rex Robinson) - Guitar (Hangover, Mothergoose)
Tomas "Sirre" Sirreweius/Andersson - Bass (Hangover)
Lasse "Laté" Pajula - Drums (Hangover)

Former / Past Members
Jarmo "Jare Haze" Heikkinen - Bass (Hoboken)
Jouni "John Haze" Heikkinen - Drums (Hoboken, Arcania)
Kalle Fernlund - Drums (Chainsaw)
Charlie Härenvall - Keyboards, Organ
Spitfire was formed in Katrineholm Sweden 1976 in the early stages mostly playing covers of 50's and 60's songs. The band changed direction in 1978 and members Rape and Kim Morgan joined the band. SPITFIRE released a single on Pang Records in 1982 and contributed with the songs "Eyes of Storm" and "Crazy Living" on the 'Scandinavian Metal Attack (1983)' split/compilation. There was also a live-video recorded 1985 in Tallås (link). The band are still active today with a new bassist and drummer.

Bio from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Formed in 1978, split in 1986. The tracks "Eye Of The Storm" and "Crazy Livin'" can be found on the 'Scandinavian Metal Attack' compilation. The single was released in a small edition without cover. Kimmo was also found in Rozz The Boss. Jarmo and Jouni later played in the band Hoboken and Jouni in Arcania. Kimmo had a band called Fireheart in the 90's. Rauno and Reijo recorded some demos with the band Mothergoose. Spitfire also did a reunion in 2005, now featuring keyboard player Charlie Härenvall. In 2010 the band again reunited featuring Kimmo, Rauno, Reijo, plus drummer Lasse Pajula and bassist Tomas Nadersson.
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