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Solid (Swe)

Solid (Swe)
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Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (



Daniel Björnarås - Vocals, Guitar (Pagan, DD Band)
Carino Malmros - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Blobslime)
Claes Lundqvist - Guitar
Ken Olsson - Bass (Pagan, Destiny, Kingsway, Black Mountain, Attrapp, Ten Foot Pole, Overnight Sensation)
Roger Christiansson - Drums (Destiny, Biscaya, Rampage, Black Mountain, Roxanne, Freak Station, Gringos, Attrapp, Southern Comfort Band, Overnight Sensation)

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Daniel and Carino had a band called Solid that was disbanded. Roger and Ken had a project and needed assistance. The new Solid was founded. They recorded the EP and just when they had signed to Polar/Stranded, the band broke up. Ken and Daniel formed Pagan, and recorded their debut. Daniel quit after the album and formed DD Band. Carino is now found in Blobslime, while Roger was later in Biscaya, Rampage, Roxanne and in 2012 he joined Destiny.
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