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Missing in Discography
- Demo, 1987
- In Due Time, 2000 (as Sleazy)
- Pandora's Box, 2006 (as Sleazy)

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Sleazy Roze (Swe)

Sleazy Roze (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Sleazy Rock / Melodic Metal / AOR
Sweden (


1987 - 1996, 1996 - 2010 (as Sleazy)
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Jonas Blum - Vocals (Dizziness, Pole Position, Rebels, Heartline, Bhonus, Reptilian, Vagh, Majestic, Optimystical)
Mikael "Kvista" Qvist - Guitar (Marshal Kane, Haunted by Destiny, Violent Divine)
Lars "Lare" Hultman - Bass (Dizziness, Pole Position, Trigger, Heartline, Grand Vision, Concrete Feat)
Per-Ove "P-O/Putte" Johansson - Drums (Axewitch, Depzon, Crash Boom Band, Casiopeia, Concrete Feat, King Laoghaire)

Former / Past Members
Mikael "Mike Voice" Fredriksson - Vocals (B.H.A.T.A., Tox, Grand Vision, Dame Fortune, Headline, Frontiers, PRABB)
Magnus Jarl - Guitar (Axewitch, Hazy, Straight Up, Iron Haze, Black Stone, Trash Cans)
Ralf Petersson - Guitar (Axewitch, Straight Up, Quest, Regent)
Paul Marshall - Bass (B.H.A.T.A., Tox, Headline)
Stefan Pettersson - Bass (Marshal Kane, Excess?)
Denny Printz - Bass (Axewitch)
Biography (from
In 1987 Mike was asked to do some singing on a studio demo for SLEAZY ROZE (ex AXEWITCH) which resulted in SLEAZY kicking the old singer and keeping Mike Voice as lead singer of SLEAZY ROZE. Line up was: Ralph Petersson – Guitar, Magnus Jarl – Guitar, Per-Ove Johansson – Drums, Denny Printz – Bass and Mike Voice – Vocals. This line up made two singles: 'Only One/She's So Fine (1988)' and 'Caution! The Filling is Hot'.

In 1992 the line up was changed to: Mike Voice – Vocals, Mike Qvist – Guitars, Per-Ove Johansson – Drums and Stefan Petersson – Bass. The full length CD 'Caution The Filling is Hot' was made in 1994.

Name changed to SLEAZY in 1996. New line up: Mike Voice – Vocals, Mike Qvist – Guitars, Per-Ove Johansson – Drums smf Paul Marshall - Bass. This line up made two full length CD's: 'In Due Time (2000)' and 'Pandora's Box (2006)'.

In 2010 Mike was in "Talang 2010" the swedish version of America got talent.
V/A Compilations
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