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Shylock (Swe)

Shylock (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1983 - 1984 (changed name to Kingpin)

Jukka "J.K. Knox" Kemppainen - Vocals (Badzine, Cosmic Zoo, Loafer)
Harry "K. Cody" Kemppainen - Guitars (Kingpin, Shotgun Messiah, Bedlam, Shin Kicker, Coma, Das Cabal, Revolver)
Tim Sköld - Bass (Verdict, Act, Akt, Kingpin/Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM, ohGr, Skold, Marilyn Manson)
Pekka "Stixx Galore" Ollinen - Drums (Kingpin, Shotgun Messiah, House of Heavy, Stixx Galore)

Former / Past Members
Tord Jacobsson - Drums (Kingpin, Shotgun Messiah, Bedlam, Shin Kicker, Specters Of Quo)
Christer "Rispan" Rispling - Drums (Verdict, Act, Akt, Master Massive)
Bio (from Metal Knights The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel 1983-85)
The band was formed in 1983 by Jukka Kemppainen (vocals), Harry Kemppainen (guitars), Tim Sköld (bass) and Christer Rispling (drums). Jukka and Harry were not related. Tim and Christer also played with Act at the same time. The band got their name from a character in a play by Shakespeare. Besides 1970's and 80's metal they were also influenced by comics, fantasy movies and Stephen King.

In early 1984 the band recorded eight songs for their first demo called 'Blueprints'. The band got very close to signing with EMI Records here in Sweden with this demo. Somehow this never happened and the label decided to sign another metal band instead (which I believe was Proud). Later the same year Christer decided to leave the band and Pakka Ollinen replaced him. With this line-up the band recorded another demo.

Although the band claimed to play true metal at the time, the glam trend and several of the bands from Los Angeles that were very popular at the time eventually influenced them. So in 1985 Shylock the heavy metal band turned into Kingpin the glam band. Now they probably spent just as much time on their image and looks as the music. The members also opted for the usual glam stage names as well. Kingpin did some new demo recordings and eventually got a deal with CMM in 1987. Shortly before the band recorded their debut album 'Welcome to Bop City', Jukka was replaced by ex-Easy Action singer Bo "Zinny Zan" Stagman. The album came out in 1988 and got the band noticed by Relativity Records in the US.

The band relocated to Los Angeles and in 1989 the album was released in the US under the band's new name Shotgun Messiah. They recorded two more albums as Shotgun Messiah ('Second Coming, 1991' and 'Violent New Breed, 1993') before splitting up. All the members from the early Shylock days have kept on playing in bands through the years. Most successful is Tim who's now playing with Marilyn Manson. Harry is still living in the US. Christer has been playing in some jazz groups in his spare time and Jukka in the band Cosmic Zoo.
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