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1984: Demo
198x: Demo (Produced by Ragne Wahlquist)

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Section Eight (Swe)

Section Eight (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Rock / AOR
Sweden (


1983 - 1990
Official Website

Peter Kronberg - Vocals (Nothing Right Now, Asperity)
Joakim "Jocke" Östlund - Guitar (Nothing Right Now)
Johan Bäckman - Guitar (Nothing Right Now)
Fredrik "Fredde" Pettersson - Bass (Nothing Right Now)
Patrik "Linkan" Lindquist - Drums (Nothing Right Now)
Robert Smedberg - Keyboards

SECTION EIGHT was formed in 1983 when five friends left their individual bands and formed a common one. The original setting lasted approximately for two months and after that the singer Peter Kronberg joined. He was a friend to the other members since a long time also. Rehersals was going on frequently and in 1984 the first demo was recorded. It was made in a studio in Ransta. In 1985 our first single was recorded in Västerås. The B-side on the single is the song Breaking Away who became Section Eight's most known and asked for.

Another demo was made in Heavy Loads studio in Stockholm with Ragne as a producer. In 1987 and 1988 Section Eight participated in Rock-SM and went to semi finals both years. Peter was elected as the Best Singer. In 1988 the last single 'Bad Girl/Loosing You' was recorded at Studio Kuling in Örebro. In the fall of 1989 a big tour with the company Rock DeLight AB was planned but due to personal reasons the band was terminated instead. In the beginning of the 90-ties most former members got together and formed a cover band called NOTHING RIGHT NOW -
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