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Superstition (Swe)

Superstition (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Metal


1983 - 1987
Alexander Kronlund - Vocals
Valentin Nilsson - Guitar
Patrik Grip - Guitar
Karl Erik "Kalle" Dettner - Bass
Tobias "Tobbe" Nilsson - Drums (Sdervisa)
Daniel Lehtihet - Keyboards
Released a private single in 1986. Vocalist Alexander Kronlund later became a songwriter/producer and co-wrote two songs for BRITNEY SPEARS second album 'Oops I Did It Again'. Kronlund co-wrote her hit single, "Lucky", with Max Martin and Rami and also co-wrote "Dont Go Knockin' on My Door". He also has worked with Backstreet Boys, Lesley Roy and *NSYNC, Robyn and Lambretta.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
The band was formed in 1983, made an appearance on the Swedish television Unga Tvan and recorded the single. The band split in 1987. Alexander continued working as a producer and songwriter in the pop gengre,, while Valentin and Daniel played a bit on and off. Tobias is today playing with folkish band Sdervisa.
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