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Sabotage (Swe / Uddevalla)

Sabotage (Swe / Uddevalla)
Band Info
Heavy / Doom Metal
Sweden (


1984 - present
Official Website
Anders Johansson - Lead Vocals
Martin "Märda" Andersson - Guitars (Necrocurse, Elecxsir, Kung Diamant, Heed)
Peter Hansson - Bass
Stefan Brekh - Drums

Former / Past Members:
Mikael Lindbom - Bass
Stefan Olsson - Guitars
Martin "Moltas" Olsson - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Magnus Johansson
Janne Wahlgren
Berne Gadde
Robert Ehlers 
Robert "Robban" Ritchiesse
SABOTAGE from Uddevalla, Gothenburg was formed in the mid 80's as a BLACK SABBATH tribute band. They releases their debut CD in 1994 which was a 2-track single including the songs "Faith Is An Illusion" and "The Answer". The band only play BLACK SABBATH covers since 1996.
Articles: SABOTAGE in Bohusläningen 2010
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