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Skyfall (Swe)

Skyfall (Swe)
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Sweden (


1970s - 1980s
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Last Known Line-Up
Peter Buck - Vocals
Per-Arne Norbäck - Guitar (Extravaganza)
Björne Westerberg - Guitar
Larsa Karlsson - Bass (Extravaganza)
Rune Carlsson - Drums (Extravaganza)
Tore Svadling - Saxophone (Extravaganza)

Former / Past Members:
Gunnar Johansson - Vocals, Acustic Guitar
Hans "Hasse" Olsson - Organ (ABBA, Extravaganza)
Hans Alehag - Guitar
Jerry Green - ?
Formed as EXTRAVAGANZA in the late 70's by Hasse Olsson (organ), Tore Svadling (saxophone) Larsa Karlsson (bass), Per-Arne Norbäck (guitar) and Rune Carlsson (drums). Hasse O left the band around 1979 to play with ABBA and Hans Alehag joined as a second guitarist. At this point they also changed their name to SKYFALL.

Their debut single 'Tro Inte Allt / Olivia' was recorded the following year with the new vocalist Peter Buck and guitarist Björne Westerberg.
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