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Stormbringer (Swe / Karlshamn)

Stormbringer (Swe / Karlshamn)
Band Info
Heavy / Doom Metal
Sweden (


1984-1985 (changed name)
Christer Nilsson - Vocals, Bass (Faith, Blackmail, Bactrac, Free Wheeln, Beerdrinkers, Daily Dream, Bubblor I Näsan, Thin Lipztick)

Roger Johansson - Guitar (Faith, Mercy, Bactrac, Blackmail, Beerdrinkers, Bubblor I Näsan, Thin Lipztick)

Jörgen Thuresson - Guitar (Faith, Area, Bactrac, Something, Free Wheelin, Pride, Kallare Än Glass, Inga Ögonbryn)

Peter "TrumPeter" Svensson - Drums (Faith, Mercy, Globe, Overheat, Six-Pack Boogie, Locomotive Breath, Fröna, Constancia, Mountain of Power, Embrace the Sun, Trumpeter, Five 4 Fun,Troja Jazzband, The Cardigans, Paus, Thin Lipztick)
Not to be confused with Stormbringer from Malmö.

Bio (from Metal Knights The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel 1983-85)
Stormbringer was founded back in 1984 by Roger Johansson (guitar), Jörgen Thuresson (guitar), Christer Nilsson (bass and vocals) and Peter Svensson (drums). The idea with the music was to make extremly heavy songs, something that they hadn't been able to do in previous bands. In the early days Peter also played with Magus. The first songs were recorded two days in January 1985. Quite soon after the first demo the band started to experiment a bit more with the music. They decided to change their name to Faith and soon recorded a new demo simply called 'Faith'. The music had now a more symphonic touch, but still heavy. During the summer of 1985 Jörgen left the band and the music became a bit more back to basics. Roger Berntsson joined the band and took over the microphone. The only recording this line-up did was a 7" with the songs "Hymn of the Sinner" and "Possession" that was released in 1986. Roger left the band shortly after the 7" for family reasons. New singer was Zenny Hansson who never got to record anything with the band. Destiny who were looking for a new singer found out about Zenny and gave him an offer he couldn't refuse, so he left for Gothenburg to join them. The band recorded the next demo, 'Insanity', as a three-piece with Christer singing once again. Around new year 1986-87 a guitarist named Peter Zweiniger joined. THe band did plenty of gigs in Southern Sweden and even did a tour in Finland. In the summer of 1987 the band decided to take a break as they had different opinions of what the next step would be.

The minor rest became seven years!. In the meantime Christer, Peter and Roger had all played in Mercy. Later on Peter moved to Gothenburg but eventually moved back to Karlshamn. In 1995 Faith was resurrected. In the summer that year they recorded a new demo called 'In the Twelfth Hour'. Unfortunately this reunion didn't last that very long, as all members were busy with families and work. At the moment the band is taking another break but there's been talk about getting the band back together again.

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Stormbringer was formed 1984 by Christer Nilsson, Roger Johansson, Jörgen Thuresson and Peter Svensson. They released one demo in 1985 and later changed name to Faith. They also had the track "Voodoo Night" on the 2003 compilation LP 'Metal Knights: The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel 1983-85 (2003)' .
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