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Superwave (Swe)

Superwave (Swe)
Band Info
Hard / Progressive / Grunge / Metal
Sweden (

Upplands Väsby

Official Website
Christian Andersén - Vocals (Trace, Fed Scavenger, Escape, Tistel, Abramis Brama, Troubleshooters)
Fredrik Sabel - Guitar (Fed Scavenger, Escape, Troubleshooters)
Mats Pettersborg - Bass (Dr. Alban)
Niklas Sjöblom - Drums (Fed Scavenger, Escape, Troubleshooters)
Official Biography (written by Christian)
Superwave was a group formed by me Christian Andersen (former singer in Abramis Brama) and Mats Pettersborg (former bassplayer w. Dr. Alban). We had written some songs that we really wanted to record. It was in the backwater of the grunge era. After acouple of auditonings we gave up. We could`nt find any drummer or guitar player. Then of a sudden my old friends from my old coverband Troubleshooters Fredrik Sabel: guitar and Niklas Sjöblom: drums wanted to do it! 

It was recorded during a weekend -95 and I still remember Ian Haugland from Europe came from the rehearsal room lying next to us and said: -Wow! Heavy!

So we finally made this documentation. We never tried to get it released on a label.
But I release it now on TPB!. Please send response if you like to:
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