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Scamps (Swe)

Scamps (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Odensala, Östersund

1979 - XXXX

Lars "Lasse/Lunkas" Lundgren - Vocals
Ulf Lagestam - Guitar (Smalare Än Thord)
Lennart "Stiff" Staaf - Guitar (The Grinners)
Pär Anders "Bajen" Frånberg - Bass
Bo-Gunnar "Bobbe" Wallentin - Drums (Törsten Dricker)

Former / Past Members
Max "Turken" Gerger - Bass
Janne "Bullen" Nilsson - Guitar
Mats "Nixon" Jonsson - Drums (Mugabe)
Heavy / Melodic act from Östersund. Recorded at least one demo tape in 1982 and a private single in 1984. Lennart Staaf later played with the Psychobilly/Speedrock/Newpunk band THE GRINNERS, Ulf Lagestam with SMALARE ÄN THORD and Bobbe Wallentin with TÖRSTEN DRICKER.

The band was earlier known as The Bentleys and later Suckin Brights.
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