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- 3tr Demo, 1987 ("Losing My Mind", "Terry's On The Run" etc)
- 3tr Demo, 1988 ("Time", "I Don't Know" etc)
- 4tr Demo, 1988
- V/A - Marion-Rock, MC Compilation, 1986 ("Blind")

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Shanahan (Swe)

Shanahan (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Metal / AOR
Sweden (


19XX - ca 1989
Johan Olsson - Vocals (In Trance, Svea Substans, To Africa With Love) R.I.P.
Johan Danielsson - Guitar (In Trance, Mr Braindead and the Coconuts, Mr Brainless band)
Janke Andersson - Bass
Paul Hultgren - Drums
Sven-Gunnar Petersson - Keyboard (HSM2)
Former / Past Members
Paul Ekberg - Drums
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