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Stormbringer (Swe / Malmö)

Stormbringer (Swe / Malmö)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1979 - 1985

Johan "Jordan B. Riche / Rudy B Jade / Stakka Bo" Renck (1982 - 1985) - Vocals (Phoenix, New Brand)
Thomas "Sandy Russel" Jörlöv (1979 - 1985) - Guitars (Phoenix, New Brand, Mansson (guest text-writer))
Thomas "Greg Alize" Ahlberg (1982 - 1985)  - Guitar (Phoenix, New Brand, Pleasure Avenue)
Claes "Mitch Tammer" Wallin (1979 - 1985) - Bass (Phoenix, New Brand, Pleasure Avenue, Bai Bang, Double Troubl)
Jonas "Jake Langsome" Langebro (1979 - 1985) - Drums (Phoenix, New Brand, Bai Bang)

Former / Past Members
Jonas Hildingh (1979 - 1981) - Vocals
Not to be confused with STORMBRINGER from Karlshamn!.

Formed in the early 80's by:
-Jonas Hildingh - Vocals
-Thomas Jörlöv (Sandy Russel) - Guitar
-Claes Wallin (Mitch Tammer) - Bass
-Jonas Langebro (Jake Langsome) - Drums

Two demo-tapes was recorded with this line-up in -83 and -84.

STORMBRINGER went through some line-up changes in 1985 and also adapted pseudonyms. Vocalist Jonas Hilding was replaced with Johan Renck (today more known as Stakka-Bo, a well known swedish singer). A second guitarist was also added; Thomas Ahlberg. The complete line-up was now:

-Johan Renck / Stakka Bo (Jordan B. Riche / Rudy B Jade) - Vocals
-Thomas Jörlöv (Sandy Russel) - Guitar
-Thomas Ahlberg (Greg Alize) - Guitar
-Claes Wallin (Mitch Tammer) - Bass
-Jonas Langebro (Jake Langsome) - Drums

This line-up also recorded 2 demos (I have no detailed info about them to bad).
STORMBRINGER changed their name to PHOENIX in 1986.
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