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- Sorcerer, Compilation 1995      
- Heathens from the North, Bootleg Compilation 2004
- Sorcerer, Compilation 2011

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Sorcerer (Swe)

Sorcerer (Swe)
Band Info
Epic / Heavy / Doom Metal
Sweden (


1988 - 1992, 2010-present
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Anders "Andy" Engberg (1989 - 1992, 2010-present) - Vocals (220 Volt, Lion's Share, Section A, Dreams Fall, Book of Reflections, Cut 4, Twilight (Dnk), Therion (live))

Kristian Niemann  (2010-present) - Guitars (Therion, Demonoid, Lithium)

Ola Englund (2010-present) - Guitars (Feared, Scarpoint, The Haunted, Facing Death, Subcyde Past, Six Feet Under (US))

Johnny Hagel (1988-1992, 2010-present) - Bass (Tiamat, Order of Isaz, Sundown, Lithium)

Robert Iversen (2010-present) - Drums
Former / Past Members
Peter Furulid (1988-1992) - Guitars

Mats Liedholm (1989-1992) - Guitars (Andromeda)

Tommy Karlsson (1988-1990) - Drums (Andromeda)

Richard Evensand (1991-1992) - Drums (Lion's Share, It's Alive, Therion, Demonoid, Dog Faced Gods, Ebony Tears, Southpaw, Black Majesty, Chimaira, Toehider, Soilwork (live)
Official Bio (from
Sorcerer formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988 by Johnny Hagel, Tommy Karlsson and Peter Furulid. The singer Anders Engberg joining them together with a second guitarist Mats Liedholm in 1989. In 1989 they recorded their first demo which sold more than 1500 copies. The band played two shows in 1989 both in Stockholm. The first one with legendary Swedish doom-band Count Raven and the second with Entombed (their first show ever as Entombed), Carnage, Therion among others.

In 1992 the band recorded their second and final demo before Johnny Hagel left the band to join Tiamat. Both demos were very well received by the metal press all over the world and the reviews were amazing.

In 1995 John Perez of Solitude Aeternus decided to release both demo tapes on cd through his label Brainticket Records. In 2011 John Perez re-released the demos again now re-mastered and featuring some songs that never had been released on cd before.

2010 the band were contacted by Oliver Weinsheimer of the Hammer of Doom Festival in Germany. The band played a set of their entire classic tracks such as Born With Fear, Queen In Black, Northerns Seas, The Sorcerer amongs others.

In 2011 the band played another successful gig at the Up the Hammers festival in Athen, Greece. After that gig the band decided to write some new songs and is aiming to record a new full length album for a 2012 release.

(from Musicmight)
A renowned Stockholm Doom band founded during 1994 by guitarist Peter Furulid and bass player Johnny Hagel. SORCERER, who also had a track inclusion on a 'Rockbox' compilation album, issued two of the most in demand demos in the annals Swedish Metal. The SORCERER American album release is actually a combination of two demos from 1989 and 1992's 'The Inquizition'. The second demo features drummer Tommy Karlsson. The Brain Ticket label was the creation of John Perez of Texan Doomsters, SOLITUDE AETURNUS who wanted to establish doom acts in North America. SORCERER had the honour of being the first release on the Perez label. The re-issue of the demo's included a remixing of the second demo, and three unreleased tracks entitled 'Wisdom', 'Northern Seas', and 'At Dawn'. The second demo also had a cover of the RAINBOW tune, 'Stargazer'.

With the departure of vocalist Anders Engberg in 1993 SORCERER folded. Naturally the various members of SORCERER went on to greater things. Engberg fronted the highly regarded Pomp Power Metal act LION'S SHARE as well as APHASIA and Danish outfit TWILIGHT, bassist Johnny Hagel carved a reputation with TIAMAT before joining SUNDOWN and busying himself with his solo venture CINNAMON SPIRAL, whilst drummer Rickard 'Richard' Evensand went to a succession of high profile and diverse acts including Funksters IT'S ALIVE, SOUTHPAW, EYEBALL, Death Metal band EBONY TEARS and DOG FACED GODS.

Interestingly, SORCERER reformed. However, Engberg was then to front DREAMS FALL, a 2003 studio unit assembled to record a three track demo billed 'Freedom's Calling'. The group involved a quite illustrious cast, comprising guitarist PONTUS NORGREN of TALISMAN, HUMANIMAL, GREAT KING RAT and JEKYLL & HYDE, bass player Chris Goldsmith, of GLORY, DAMAGE DONE and FULL STRIKE, keyboard player Tobias Marberger and the SEVENTH ONE, TEARS OF SAHARA and LOST HORIZON credited drummer Mats Karlsson. That same year Engberg fronted SECTION A for their 'The Seventh Sign' debut.

In June 2003 Evansand was announced as new drummer for the swiftly rising SOILWORK. Before the year was out he had joined US outfit CHIMAIRA. Eat Metal Records compiled early SORCERER recordings for a 2004 compilation album 'Heathens From The North', this release limited to 700 copies.

Andy Engberg guested on the 2004 BOOK OF REFLECTIONS debut, a mainly Scandinavian "All star" symphonic, neo-classical Power Metal project assembled by former ETERNITY guitarist LARS ERIC MATTSON.
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1989 Rockbox
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