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Scandinavian Skies (Swe)

Scandinavian Skies
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Anders Appelquist - Vocals

Kari Toppinen - Guitar (Genocide, Zircus, New Clear Daze, Icarus, Silent Knight, Return, Thunderfly)
Jonas "Jonte" Ekwall - Guitar

Kent "Kenta" Fernlund - Bass (Genocide, Icarus, Return, Boerney Und Die TriTops (Ger))

Håkan Åstrand - Drums (Wang Dang, Electric Religions, Bad Mode)
Former / Past Members
Mikael "Micke" Linder - Vocals

Jonas "Jonte" Ekwall - Guittar

Göran "Gurra" Westblom - Bass (Flame)

Janne "The Mad Drummer" Karlsson - Drums
Biography (from

Scandinavian Skies

When Kent Fernlund left, Kari formed a completely new band - Scandinavian Skies was born. The line-up varied a bit during the years they were active.

The band made only one studio recording under the name Scandinavian Skies and the line-up on that recording was the following:

  • Kari Toppinen (g)
  • Jonas (Jonte) Ekwall (g)
  • Göran (Gurra) Westblom (b)
  • Micke Linder (v)
  • Jan Karlsson (d)
Scandinavian Skies

The second line-up was (I believe):

  • Kari Toppinen (g)
  • Jonas (Jonte) Ekwall (g)
  • Göran (Gurra) Westblom (b)
  • Anders Appelquist (v)
  • Jan Karlsson (d)
Scandinavian Skies

The third line-up of Scandinavian Skies was born when Jonas, Göran and Jan left the band. Kari once again was joined by Kent and a new drummer, Håkan Åstrand (d). There is no studio recording from this setting featured the now known drummer of Electric Religions. There might be a self-recorded tape from one of the bands sessions in the rehersal room. If I get hold of that - it will be on this site.

The band made no studio recording under the line-up:

  • Kari Toppinen (g)
  • Kent Fernlund (b)
  • Anders Appelquist (v)
  • Håkan Åstrand (d)
At this moment Kent Fernlund felt that he wanted more than just playing gigs around Gävle and making demo recordings, so he made a life-changing decision to take his bass guitar over the Atlantic Ocean and try his luck in the US. Along with him, making the same journey, came Anders Appelquist. They left during 1989 and this was the last time Kent Fernlund played in a Sweden based band.
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