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Trivial (Swe)

Band Info
Neoclassic Hardrock
Sweden (


1988 - 1989
Christian Liljegren - Vocals (Seven Seas, Venture, Trinity, Borderline, Razed, Narnia, Creed, Golden Resurrection, Modest Attraction, Flagship, Audiovision, Divinefire, Ken Adler Band)
Stephan "Molle" Mohlin - Guitar (Modest Attraction)
Samuel Gustafsson - Bass (Cornerstone)
Magnus Linde - Drums
Official Bio (by Christian Liljegren)
In November I met Samuel Gustafsson who was looking for a lead vocalist. He was working together with a guitarplayer called Stephan "Molle" Mohlin. Stephan was very influenced by Malmsteen and Blackmore. I had actually met Stephan for the first time when I rehearsed with Venture back in 1987. The name for this band was Trivial and line up was:

Christian Liljegren: Lead Vocals
Samuel Gustafsson: Bass
Stephan Mohlin: Guitars
Magnus Linde: Drums

The music in Trivial was neoclassic hardrock with strong influences from bands like Malmsteen, Silver Mountain and of course Rainbow.

We rehearsed alot but the band only existed for a couple of months. Again, Kingsway Records from the U.K wanted to sign us. A guy called Leif Cederfjord from the swedish label "Cantio Records" were their contact in Sweden and we had a meeting at a café in Jönköping, discussing the recording of our debutalbum. Just before entering the studio the drummer Magnus Linde quit the band because he didn't want to sacrifice the ammount of time that Trivial wanted from him. We tried to get a new drummer but we we never found a good one so I left the band on the same reasons in January 1989, as Magnus.

Samuel Gustafsson then formed the band Cornerstone together with Vocalist/Guitarist Kent Franklin. They still excist and have released three albums so far. They are playing blues oriented rock/hardrock.
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