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Tox (Swe)

Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (


ca 1984 - 1985
Mikael "Big Hozz" Fredriksson - Vocals, Guitar (B.H.A.T.A., Sleazy, Grand Vision, Dame Fortune, Headline, Frontiers)
Billy Johansson - Guitar (B.H.A.T.A.)
Paul "Pal Kebel" Marshall - Bass, Vocals (B.H.A.T.A., Sleazy, Headline)
Samuel Sacke - Drums
Former / Past Members
Anders Jensen - Drums (Dame Fortune, Concrete Fear, High Voltage, Tumbleweeds)
Formed as Big Hozz And The Animals in 1980. A few demos were recorded and the band built it's reputation as a strong and crazy stage performance, which contained much smoke, bombs and props. They made a classic performance at Skandia theater in Norrköping 1980 then the band's reputation as one of Sweden's best heavy metal band was founded. After some tough years without the success they hoped for, they changed the name to TOX. They did some live gigs and attended some rock contest under this name but went separate ways in 1985. B.H.A.TA. was reformed in the early 90's.
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