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Trix (Swe)

Trix (Swe)
Band Info
Hard / Heavy Rock / Rock
Sweden (

Visby, Gotland

1978 - 1980
Jari "Lefvendahl" Levedahl - Vocals (Ricky Rex, Jari, Jari Levedahl)
Anders Halling - Guitar
Jan Sahlberg - Guitar
Mats "Matte" Sundberg - Bass (The Dogmen)
Max Ullrich - Drums (Pat Scab)
Hard/heavy rock band from Visby formed in 1978. Trix had their big break in 1979 and were the most popular rock band on Gotland (the members could even live on their music). They regulary played at Näcken in Visby and had several gigs on the mainland. In 1979 they released their one and only single 'Nya Vindar / Angelica', but sadly split the year after. Jari later signed with EMI and had some success as a solo artist (recorded an album and a couple of singles; 'Djävulen I Katmandu" etc). Jari Lefvedahl, Max Ullrich & Anders Halling lives in Stockholm today.
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