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Tengel (Swe)

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Melodic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1985 - 1992
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Magnus "Kalle" Johansson/Stennek - Vocals
Jörgen Håkansson - Guitar
Håkan Håkansson - Guitar
Inge "La Paloma" Andersson - Bass
Rickard "Bulan" Olsson - Drums

Former / Past Members
Torbjörn "Baloo" Nilsson - Guitar
Mats "Putte" Brorsson - Drums (Eon, Hatchet, Nobody's Perfect, Thin Lipztick)
Åke "Age/Elefantmannen" Karlsson - Drums (Killerhawk, Renegade, Magus, Paradize, Blue Town, Something, Kallare Än Glass, Iron Pitts, Ray's Request, Thin Lipsztick, Strip Down, De Överblivna, Bubblor I Näsan, Håkon Flöjt Band, Styrelsebandet, Magnus, Under Cover)
Patrik "Putte" Stenholm - Drums (Alf Beritz, Dansantz)
Jörgen - Drums
Jimmy "Love" Svensson - Keyboard, Organ (Grim Reaper? R.I.P?, Alf Beritz, Dansantz, Emeth, Senil Olydnad?)
Biography in Swedish from "Musikforum 20 år - En Kul Tur I Kulturen"
Tengel bildades redan 1985, men har sedan 1992 haft ett tillfälligt permanent uppehåll. Den senaste nuvarande (!?) sättningen bestod av Magnus "Kalle" Johansson - sång, Jörgen och Håkan "Bröderna Brothers" Håkansson - gitarr, Inge "La Paloma" Andersson - bas samt Rickard "Bulan" Olsson - trummor. Tidigare har dessutom medverkat Tobbe "Baloo" Nilsson - gitarr, Jimmy "Love" Svensson - orgel samt trummisarna Age "Elefantmannen" Karlsson, Mats "Putte" Brorsson, Patrik "Putte" Stenholm och Jörgen.

Formed 1986 by Torbjörn Nilsson (Guitar), Inge Andersson (Bass), the brothers Jörgen & Håkan Håkansson (Guitar), Patrik Stenholm (Drums) and Magnus Stennek (Vocals). Torbjörn left the band in 1987 and Jimmy Svensson joined on Keyboards. Jimmy along with Patrik left the band in 1988 and was replaced with KILLERHAWK and PARADIZE drummer Åke Karlsson. Åke was a member for about a year and later replaced by Mats Brorsson from EON and HATCHET, he was their drummer until the band disbanded in 1991.

The band recorded a couple of demo tapes (incl songs with Swedish lyrics; "Det Faller Änglar", "Lyckligt Slut", "Flyg Iväg" and "Älskade Vän"). They also contributed with the song "Two Minutes Silence" on the 'Karlshamns Musikforum 15 år, Compilation (1989)'. TENGEL was working on a rock musical at the end of their career, it was based on the book "Spellbound: The Legend of the Ice People". Everything was almost finished but for some reason the band sadly disbanded and the work was never completed.
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Thanks to Magnus Johansson / Stennek and Mats "Putte" Brorsson for all the info related to TENGEL's biography, history and releases.
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