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Talking Terms
Band Info
Melodic Rock / AOR
Sweden (


Known members
Anders Von Hofsten - Vocals (Hickory Heads, Tasty, Hofstone, Blacknuss, Atlas Gospel Choir, The Family Tree, Robyn, Amanda Jenssen, Titiyo, Kaah, Solomon (guest), Monica Starck (guest), Elena Valente (guest), Mendez (guest), Britney Spears (guest), Backstreet Boys (guest), Westlife (guest), 'N Syncs (guest), etc)

Jens Schröder - Guitar? (Tasty, Color Boys, Håkan Lidbo, Sounds Like Sara)
Rock / AOR band featuring Anders Von Hofsten. Shared rehearsal place with Rock Rivers under Björnligans Studio at Dalaplan.  Had the song "Carry Me" on the 'Streetwise Number One Of Two, 1990' compilation.
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