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Missing in Discography
1994: "Man on the Moon" on Artist Collection -94 (V/A Compilation)
1995: Sick World (Demo)
1996: How Do You Do? (Demo)
1998: "So What" on Bay of Tunes (V/A Compilation)
1998: So Fucking Proud-First (Best of Compilation)
1998: So Fucking Proud-Second (Best of Compilation)
199X: The Collection (Best of Compilation)

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Two Eagles Request (Swe)

Two Eagles Request (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy / Power Metal
Sweden (

Oskarshamn, Västervik

1985 - XXXX
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Linus Holgersson - Vocals (Thunder)
Patrik "Putte" Johansson - Guitar, Vocals
Mats Pettersson - Guitar (Thunder, Noztalgica)
Per Sandberg - Bass, Vocals (Torsten Elms Rivaler)
Peter "The Animal" Johansson - Drums

Former / Past Members:
Mikael Rothsten - Keyboard, Vocals
Fredric Carlsson - Keyboard, Vocals
Dennis Stenberg - Guitar, Vocals
Marcus Fornander - Drums
Christer "Tyrone" Berggren - Drums
Anders Carlsson - Drums
Henrik Kullander - Drums

Special Guests:
Mick Nordström - Rat-under-water-vocals (Leviticus, Borderline, Heartcry, Charizma (guest), Modest Attraction, Bengalen, Flagship, Stonefuze, Cornerstone, XT)

T.E.R was formed in 1985 by Per and Putte. In the spring of 1990 they released their first album: 'Out of the Dark"' where the song "Memories I" also was used in the horror film "Hatman". In the autumn of 1990 the band recorded a "promotional" video in Stegeholms castleruin in Västervik. The band won a local rock contest in 1992 which led to a small tour '.

Two years later T.E.R. qualified to Rock-SM and went right up to the semi-finals. They also participated in the High Rock Records: Artist Collection-1994, with the song "Man on the Moon". In 1995 T.E.R. finished their second album "Two Eagles Request", and demo "Sick World". This resulted in various events including Face-Front Festival in Piteå.

In 1996 a second demo "How Do You Do?" was recorded and T.E.R. also got to participating in Janne Stark's book: "The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal 1970 - 1996". One year later T.E.R. contributes with the song: "Doped" in Rape-Cake Records No.: 4, and once again qualify to Rock-SM. They also releases the compilation entitled, "The Collection" with "demo" tracks recorded 1989-96. In spring 1999 TER recorded their first full length CD "Stained" in Berghem Studio, Huskvarna.

Releases without tracklist info:
1994: "Man on the Moon" on Artist Collection (V/A Compilation)
1995: Sick World (Demo)
1996: How Do You Do? (Demo)
1997: "Doped" on Rape-Cake-Records No.4 (V/A Compilation)
1998: "So What" on Bay of Tunes (V/A Compilation)
1998: So Fucking Proud-First (Best/of Compilation)
1998: So Fucking Proud-Second (Best/of Compilation)

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Initially formed by Per as an anti-teacher band, Torsten Elms Rivaler (Torsten Elm was their headmaster). In 1985 he teamed up with Patrik. The initials and logo stuck, but the name was changed. Mid-heavy hard rock with roots in the 80's metal scene this band shows fine potential. The track "Memories I" from the MCD, was used as soundtrack for the movie Hatman. It seems this band released a record every fifth year (the Def Leppard syndrome, eh?). Well, to be honest they did release the demo 'Sick World' in 1996. In 1997 the song "Doped" appeared on the compilation 'Rape-CakeRecords Nr. 4' and in 1998 the song "So What!" was featured on the compilation 'Bay of Tunes'. On 'Stained' the band had adopted a much heavier edge and the line-up had also changed. Keyboard player Michael Rothsten was out while guitarist Mats and singer Linus was in (Per had previously handled the lead vocals, too). It was produced by Mick Nordström (Modest Attraction, Cornerstone, Spearfish).
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