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Torch (Swe) - Sweet Desire

You turn my head around
My feet don't touch the ground
My body's steel from lust
From head to the toes

You're always teasing me
Your ways are pleasing me
My feelings turn to a river that flows

Soon I will break the chains
And set my feelings free
Cause you bring out the animal in me

It's in the way you walk
It's in the way you talk
You're like a burned afraid and I pray
You start to close me
No way can I break free
I'm caught in a trap
The price I must pay

Soon I will...

Sweet desire. my desire
Sweet desire
Sweet desire. your desire
Sweet desire

I'm more than ready now
I'm gonna teach you how
You gotta learn my way
Then you'll see
You pushed me much to far
You're lust you're a lucky star
Cause you brought out the animal in me

Sweet desire...
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