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Törsten Dricker (Swe)

Törsten Dricker (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Krokom, Jämtland

1977 - 2003, 2013 - present
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Anna Mattiasson - Vocals
Lena Nordin - Vocals, Keyboard
Jan-Anders "Janders" Larsson - Guitar
Pär Olsson - Guitar
Linus "Bullen" Bergman - Bass, Vocals
Bo-Gunnar "Bobbe" Wallentin - Drums (Scamps)
Former / Past Members
Anna-Lena Nilsson - Vocals
Mona Mattiasson - Vocals, Keyboards
Rutger Tåqvist - Guitar
Kjell Ali Bergman - Guitar
Rolf Sandås - Bass
Ulf "Uffe" Grenholm - Bass, Drums, Vocals R.I.P.
Ulf Olsson - Drums
Jan Gustafsson - Drums
Kenneth Cajselius - Drums
Leif Thurhagen - Drums
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Törsten dricker (something like "the thirst is drinking"... well don't ask me) were formed in 1977, featuring Rutger Tåqvist (g), Kjell Ali Bergman (g), Rolf Sandås (b) and Ulf Grenholm on drums. Anna joined in 1986, and not long after, Ulf Olsson replaced Grenholm on drums (he switched to bass). Ulf Olssons brother Pär joined on guitar, replacing Kjell. Anna was replaced by her sister Mona in 1990 and Rutger was recplaced by Jan-Anders. They entered Rock-SM and ended up third in the finale. After the first album singer Mona Mattiasson was replaced by Anna-Lena and the returning Anna, and drummer Ulf Olsson by Jan Gustafsson. Grenholm sadly passed away in 2006.
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