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Tryckvåg (Swe)

Tryckvåg (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Mora, Stockholm

1978 - 1987 (reformed 1999 - present)
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Mats "Attaque" Håkansson - Vocals, Guitar (Mogg, Wild Zephyr, Trash, Raceway, E-Type, Beautiful Grey, Led Boots, Adrenaline)

Mikael "Micke" Höglund - Bass (Sin City, Ready Steady, Trash, Bang Bang, Great King Rat, Bridge To Mars, The Kristet Utseende, Neocori, Gagarin, Beautiful Grey, Alfonzetti, Jekyll & Hyde, Punchline, Inte Bara Kaviar, Gurkornas Undergång, El Donaldoz, Hurra!, Thunder, Audiovision)

Thomas "Tom P." Broman - Drums (Sin City, Ready Steady, Great King Rat, Bridge To Mars, Electric Boys, Amaze Me, Grymlings, Flower Hogs, El Donaldoz, Hurra!, Michael Schenker, Send No Flowers, Winterville, Brazen Abbot, Firebird, Audiovision, Silver Ginger 5, Ginger, Humanimal, John Norum, Mikael Rickfors, Conny Bloom, Magnus Lindberg, Mats Ronander, Joe Lynn Turner, Brian Robertson Band, Glenn Hughes, JJ Marsh, HTP, MSG)
Former / Past Members
Donald Burnett - Vocals (Vision (Swe), Baltimoore, Escape, The Black Hearts, The Flashers)

Ingemar Sallman - Vocals? (Wild Zephyr, Trash)

Lars-Erik Wilkensson - Guitars (Black & White?, The Flashers)

Bo "Bosse" Berglund - Drums (Wild Zephyr, Trash)

Robert Widell - Session Keyboards

Conny Lind - Vocals, Drums (Shock Tilt, Lion's Share, Motherlode, Iron Fist, Unit-X, Vision (Fin), Trezpass, Odessa, Sin City, Mud & Blood, Hang 'Em High, Raceway, Alex Masi, Electric Savage, Eddie Meduza, Rednex, Great King Rat, Amaze Me, State of Mind, Talk of the Town, Boogie Machine, Boys Are Back, Harmonica Henry, History of Rock, Jeff Paris, Sqrammel, Tommy Denander, RC/DC, Van Häljen, Thunder 'n Blues, S 'n R Boys)
Bio (English translation from
In the summer of 1978, Mike Höglund where invited to a jam in a studio where the band WILD ZEPHYR rehearsed. The band consisted of the trio Mats Attaque, Ingemar Sallman and Bosse Berglund. This setting decided to continue cooperation and took the name TRASH. They began writing songs and with a lot of covers on the setlist, they was soon out and proved themselves on the stages in Mora. The influences were Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Rush, etc..

In spring 1979 the band was invited to back then the popular TV show "Diskotaktet". Before they sat down in the bus to the TV studio the band decided to change its name to TRYCKVÅG because nobody was really happy with the name TRASH. The songs performed was the instrumental "Wild Zephyr" and the newly written and tougher "White Wizard". The producer of the TV program liked "White Wizard" and wondered if TRYCKVÅG, along with TOMAS LEDIN wanted to represent Sweden on the radio show "Europatoppen". The answer was of course YES. This was a great opportunit for the four teenagers from Mora. Whole Europe got to listen to a TV recording of the song where the TV technicians put on a flanger effect on the entire mix to make everything sound a little cooler. One last place and 16 points speaks for themselves on the quality of the recording. Anyway, it meant that the band got more gigs and Dalarna was now their workplace.

Songwriting continued but you could now see that the band musically divided into two camps. Mats and Micke went more and more to Metal music while Ingemar and Bosse chosed blues. Bo Berglund chose to leave the band later that year and was replaced with the new drummer Thomas Broman. With Thomas, TRYCKVÅG became a more solid metal band. Shortly thereafter Ingemar Sallman unfortunately left the band. The band continued for a while as a trio, the trio that would prove to be the foundation of TRYCKVÅG. Mats now handled the guitars and vocals.

Now began the hunt for a new singer and a guitarist. The singer Donald Burnett, a Scotsman who lived in Rättvik, and Lars-Erik Wilkensson became the new members of the band. A constellation that was intact for a few years until Donald chose to move back to Scotland again.

A singer named Conny Lind was recruited to the band. With Conny at the mic TRYCKVÅG became a fun live band to watch. It started really well with a first prize in Dala-Demokratens competition ”Kapprocken” with big headlines as a result. Other bands attending was SIX FEET UNDER, IRON FIST, DEATH WISH, ALIEN DISEASE, HEAVY THUNDER, FUSION among others.

The band also got to open the first "Dalarocken" organized 1981. In 1982, the band signed a record deal with CBS, but it did not sound as good in the studio as it did live so nothing came out of it. Conny was asked to leave the band 1983, 1984 the band also choosed to continue without Lars-Erik Wilkensson.

Now begins the confused period of TRYCKVÅG's career. With the help from a local music store they record their first and only single 'Stay The Night / It's A Party Tonight'. They recruited Robert Widell on keyboards. The single was not directly representative of the type of music TRYCKVÅG mainly played and with a keyboard instead of the guitar there was not the same energy live. The spark was gone but the band stayed together despite that. They later continued as a trio again, without keyboard.

Mats, Mike and Thomas moved to Stockholm in 1987 to continue their career. They tried for a while but then ended up in different bands and TRYCKVÅG disbanded. However they would reunite after attending Mora Music schools 50th anniversary in 1999. Since then, TRYCKVÅG have played many gigs, both in Stockholm and Mora.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
The band was formed in 1978, when bassist Höglund was invited to jam with the boys from the band Wild Zephyr, featuring Mats Attaque, Bosse Berglund and Ingemar Sellman. They took the new name Trash and started playing covers by Think Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Rush etc. In 1979 they were given the opportunity to play on Swedish television and decided to change the name to Tryckvåg (shock wave in English). A producer for the show liked  the band and one of the songs, "White Wizard" was entered in the Europatoppen radio show, where it ended up last place. The band now started dividing into two camps, where two wanted to do more metal and the other two blues. Ingemar and Bosse were out and now drummer Thomas Broman entered and Mats also took over the vocals. They now drafted guitarists Lars-Erik Wilkensson and Scotsman Donald Burnette. A couple of years later Donald moved back to Scotland. They now drafted singer Conny Lind. The band won a bandstand gaining them a contract with CBS. However, the band failed to impress in the studio and the deal fell through. In 1983 Conny got the boot and a year later so did Lars-Erik. The band, now as a trio, recorded their first and only single, using session keyboardist Robert Widell in the studio. In 1987 the trio relocated to Stockholm, where Conny had already moved. They tried to make it work for a while, but finally ended up in different bands. Conny and Tomas played in Odessa while Mikael was in Bang Bang. They joined forces and formed Sin City. When Conny moved to the US to join Alex Masi, the others found singer Leif Sundin and they became Great King Rat. Mikael later recorded with UK band Thunder, Conny has made it on record with State of Mind, Amaze Me and Raceway, Mats moved to the US to join Mogg and Tomas later joined Electric Boys. On John Norum''s album 'Face The Truth' the song "Good Man Shining" was written by Mats Attaque/Mikael Höglund/Tomas Broman/John Norum/Glenn Hughes. Mats later returned to Sweden and Broman returned to playing with John Norum. In 1999 the band released a pro-printed CD-R compilation 'Demolition', featuring all the band's unreleased demos. In 2012 Broman and Höglund formed the new band Bridge To Mars together with Jock "JJ" Marsh (ex-Spellbound, Glenn Hughes).
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