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Thrashon (Swe)

Thrashon (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Hallebol, Arvika

1981 - 1994 (changed name)
Official Website
Lars "Lasse" Wester - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (Pearly White)
Jan-Olov Persson - Guitar (Pearly White)
Tore Paulsen - Bass
Ronnie Peeters - Drums (Pearly White)
THRASHON from Hallebol, Arvika was founded in 1981 and it would take them some years before they finally got the chance to go into the Silence Records studios to lay down two tracks to their debut single ‘Weird Weird World’, released 1991. It was followed up with the private MLP 'Way of Life' released 1992 and a CD in 1993.

The band changed name to PEARLY WHITE in 1994.
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