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The Krixhjälters (Swe)

The Krixhjälters (Swe)
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Punk / Hardcore / Crossover / Speed / Thrash Metal
Sweden (


1982 - 1990 (changed name)
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Pontus Lindqvist (1982-1990) - Vocals, Bass (Omnitron, Aggressiv, Enter the Hunt, Rubber Band, Rubbermen)
Rasmus Ekman (1982-1990) - Guitars, Vocals (Omnitron, Comecon)
Pelle Ström (1985-1990) - Guitars, Vocals (Omnitron, Absolute Beginners?, Aggressiv, Comecon, Agony)
Stefan Kälfors (1985-1990) - Drums, Vocals (Omnitron, Enter the Hunt, Gone)
Former / Past Members
Stefan "Stefano" Gorini (1982-1985) - Drums
THE KRIXHJÄLTERS, later OMNITRON, formed in Stockholm in 1982 by Rasmus Ekman (guitar, vocals), Pontus Lindqvist (bass, vocals) and Stefan Gorini (drums, vocals), partly inspired by the American punk bands BLACK FLAG and DEAD KENNEDYS. The band name was created partly as a parody of typical Swedish danceband names. The band's debut album, the mlp 'Krixhjälters', was recorded in 1984 but not published until 1986 on the record label Rosa Honung. The songs "Magic Mushrooms" and "The Guardian" was included on the 1985 compilation 'Really Fast Vol 2'.

KRIXHJÄLTERS was more or less inactive for a period in the mid 80's. Pontus Lindqvist and Pelle Ström played together in band AGGRESSIV, where Pontus sang and Pelle played guitar. Stefan Gorini left KRIXHJÄLTERS around 1985 and was replaced by Stefan Källfors on drums. Pelle also joined the band on second guitar. The group signed to Chickenbrain Records and recorded another MLP, 'Hjälter Skelter (1988)'. KRIXHJÄLTERS early recordings was both in English and Swedish but from 'Hjälter Skelter' onwards all texts was written in English.

The full length album 'Evilution' was released in 1989 and the band also recorded the christmas single 'A Krixmas Carol (1989)'. The song "A Krixmas Carol" was written together by the band, the B-side however consists of exactly 1min long songs written by each one of the members. The band was also featured with the song "He Speaks" on the compilation CD 'Sinderella - The Swedish Stand (1989)'.

KRIXHJÄLTERS toured in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany. The growing number of fans in Europe meant that the group decided to change its name to the more internationally accepted OMNITRON (in 1990). Inspiring bands at this time was bands such as METALLICA and SLAYER. OMNITRON was now more thrash metal than punk.

OMNITRON released the album 'Master Peace' in 1990 and was featured on the compilation album 'The Legacy - a tribute to Black Sabbath (1990)' with song "Symptom of the Universe". 'Master Peace' was also released in the U.S. and Japan a few years later. OMNITRONS cover of "Ace of Spades" (which is a bonus track on the CD edition of the 'Master Peace') is also on the compilation album 'Motörhead Tribute (1995)'.

After OMNITRON split in 1991, Ström and Ekman continued with grind-band COMECON until 1995. Pontus Lindqvist was for some years singer in RUBBERMEN and later bassist in the metal band ENTER THE HUNT (2003-2006). Stefan Kälfors started to drum for the hard rock band GONE, and now, since 2002, he plays drums in ENTER THE HUNT.
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