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Thomas och Lasse BG Band (Swe)

Thomas och Lasse BG Band (Swe)
Band Info
Pop / Rock
Sweden (

Gothenburg? Malmö? Lund?

Thomas Olsson - Choir
Lasse - Choir
Tony Borg - Guitar (Karl Brun & Highway, Dolce Vita, Wasa Express, Aura, Vikivaki, E.F. Band (guest), Alien)
Leif Landqvist - Bass
Rolf Kimfors - Drums
Nick Borgen - Keyboard, Guitar, Choir (Steelwings (guest), Stry (guest), Bhonus, Alpha, Company of Friends, Nick Borgen med Scandinavians)
Hans Holmqvist - Piano, Saxophone
Gösta Ardehed - Altviol
Tamas Vas - Viol
Knud Knudsen - Viol
Robert Rydholm - Viol
Vincent Trappman - Cello
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