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Missing in Discography
- Demos
- Burnin' Rock, 12" Promo Single 1985  [Atlantic #PR 726] (1. Burnin' Rock - LP Version / 2. Burnin' Rock - Edited Version)
- Unreleased 3rd album

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Trash (Swe)

Trash (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Sleaze
Sweden (


January 1982 - ca 1986, 1989 - 19XX
Photos / Videos
Tony "Roy Taylor" Hellander - Vocals, Drums (Stonehenge, The Boys Are Back In Town, Dream Bank, Titanic Truth)

Jens "Dubben/Gene Ball" Grundelius - Guitar (Stonehenge, Rain)

Torbjörn "Tobbe" Larsson - Bass (Macbeth, Hexagon)

Henrik "Hempo Hobo" Hildén - Drums (Ball, Shock Tilt, Jaguar, Gunfire (guest), Baltimoore, John Norum, Don Dokken, Glenn Hughes, Mandrake Root, Midnight Sun, Sarek, Splash, Why?, Blomman,  Thommie Fransson, Jansson & Sjöberg, Pugh Rogefeldt, King Siguurd, Painkillaz)
Former / Past Members
Mikael "Mike Mojo Mocadem" Mujanne - Guitar (Stonehenge, Trash & Passion (US))

Kaj "Kay/Cay Coda" Söderström - Bass (Ball, 220 Volt (guest), Jaguar, Sarek, Splash, Why?, Blomman, Dirty Minds, Thommie Fransson, Jansson & Sjöberg, Jerry Williams)

Peter "Pete P-J" Jägerhult - Bass (Attack, Tempelrock, The Boys Are Back In Town, 2001, Mia Alasjö)

Claes "Fille" Lindström - Bass (Attack, Blacksmith, Pipeline, Benny Jansson)

Anders "Rudy Runner" Fluch - Drums (Varning, The Moose)

Mats Melin/Hedfors (Red Baron)
Not to be confused with Trash (Karlskoga).

(from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia)
Tony, Mikael and Jens were previosly in the band STONEHENGE, but only Jens appeared on their EP. The first album features Peter "PJ" Jägerhult (ex-Attack, Tempelrock) on bass and Anders "Rudy" Flusch on drums. The bass on the album was however recorded by Gunnar Hallin (Neon Rose, Bam Bam Boys). The second album was produced by Max Norman and was a worldwide release. A third album was recorded with Eddie Kramer, but as Atlantic Records thought it was too far from the band's original sound it was never released. The tapes do still exist, so have faith!. In 1989 Hempo shortly revived the band, now featuring Tony, Jens and bassist Torbjörn Larsson (Macbeth). Tony was later part of Dream Bank together with Göran Elmquist and ex-Electric Boys drummer Nicklas Sigevall. Mikael had his band Trash & Passion in the US, Jens was in the band Rain, Kaj went back to playing with 50s rocker Jerry Williams, PJ runs the booking agency PJP and Hempo has played with numerous acts such as John Norum, Glenn Hughes, Mandrake Root etc. Thrash's first album was produced by Börje "The Boss" Forsberg (the man behind Black Mark Records).

Info (from Musicmight)
TRASH, a back to basics Hard Rock outfit, was formed in 1982 by guitarist Mike Mocadem (a.k.a. Mikael Mujanne) and vocalist Ron Taylor (real name Tony Hellander). Both Mocadem and guitarist Gene Ball (Jens Grundelius) were previously members of STONEHENGE. Drummer Pete Jägerhult was ex-ATTACK and TEMPLEROCK.

TRASH released a debut album, 'Watch Out', on major label RCA Records in 1982. Jägerhult was soon replaced by Henrik 'Hempo ' Hilldén and original bassist Rudy Fluch by Kaj 'Coda' Söderström. TRASH's more impressive second album 'Burnin Rock' found the Swedes signed to Atlantic. The record was produced by the illustrious Max Norman and 1985 saw TRASH touring America with KEEL and BON JOVI. Afterwards, the group recording a third album with the esteemed Eddie Kramer in the production chair but the band split before its release, so the recordings were iced.

Mike Mocadem remained in North America to put together the American based act TRASH & PASSION whilst Gene Ball became a member of RAIN. Hilldén has since worked with JOHN NORUM, GLENN HUGHES, DOKKEN and KING SIGUURD. By 1997 he was a member of MANDRAKE ROOT. Hellander, meantime, formed TITANIC TRUTH with ex-ELECTRIC BOYS mentor Conny Bloom.
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