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Unameus (Swe)

Unameus (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Rock / Hard Rock / New Wave / Gothic / Alternative
Sweden (


Official Website
Michael "Dean" Hughes - Vocals

Peter "Daniels" Nilsson - Guitar

Kenneth "Kenny Kreuger" Groll - Drums

Andy Lenard  - Keyboards

Jonas "Jonni Hex" Andersson - Bass (Scratch, -17-, Shooting Gallery, Gaeleri)

Jejo Perkovic - Drums (Candlemass, Abstrakt Algebra, Harlot, Infinite Mass, Mustasch, Brick, Gomora)

Ulf "Chris Laney" Larsson - Keyboard, Guitar (Scratch, -17-, Candlemass, Europe, Leif Edling, Crazy Lixx, Dian Fortune, Bruce Kulick, Godsache, Zan Clan, Satisfaction, Dynazty, Crucified Barbara, Crashdïet, Vanity Blvd, Karl Martindahl, Ryan Roxie, Raw, Plast,, Steevi Jaimz, Whiskeytown, Laneys Legion, Shotgun, Randy Piper's Animal, Dark Illusion (guest), Godgory (guest))
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
According to the band themselves, they sound like a mix of Cinderella and Simple Minds, well... they actually sound like a heavier and more psycheledic version of early Simple Minds. Ulf was ex-Scratch and 17. The band featured the song "Paper Tigers" on the Ebony collection 'Full Force 3'. As they couldn't find a name, they actually leave it up to the listener - U-NAME-US. Ulf later found great success as a producer and also played with Zan Clan and Randy Piper's Animal, and is now doing his solo stuff as Chris Laney, plus he's in Shotgun.
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